Apply Now For The Miles & More World Elite Mastercard!

The first ever credit card that I applied for when I turned 18 is the Lufthansa Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard®, which is issued by Barclaycard US. I fly with Lufthansa and the Lufthansa Group the most and therefore Miles & More is my primary (and favourite) frequent flyer programme. Since I’m a Senator, I can literally book Lufthansa First Class or SWISS First Class… Read More

Canada to Europe Round-Trip for 20k SPG Points

My favourite frequent flyer programme is Miles & More. While the programme does impose fuel surcharges, those can often be lowered if you’re strategic about which routes you book. Furthermore, Miles & More allows anyone to book Lufthansa First Class whenever you want before departure (otherwise it is only released 14 days before departure to partner airlines). Currently, you can redeem 25k Miles & More… Read More

Happiness in a Picture

Here’s my happiness in a picture… actually more like in a screenshot: I was lucky to book two seats for myself and a friend next month from Zurich to San Francisco using Miles & More miles (I’m a Senator so I can bring along a companion even if they’re not a Senator). Further reading: Book Now: SWISS First Class Awards Wide Open For Miles & More… Read More

Book Now: SWISS First Class Awards Wide Open For Miles & More Elites!

SWISS First Class is awesome – while it isn’t as amazing and incredible as Lufthansa First Class, SWISS First Class is still definitely in my top five. I’ve flown SWISS First Class a few times already on all of their long-haul aircraft (Airbus A330, Airbus A340, and Boeing 777) and because SWISS First awards are restricted to Miles & More Senators and HON Circle Members,… Read More

Cheap Lufthansa First Class Fares!

Lufthansa First Class is by far the best way to fly. I believe no other airline comes close to providing such an incredible and consistent First Class experience as much as Lufthansa does. I’ve flown Lufthansa First Class over fifty times at this point and will usually fly it over a different product, even if that means more layovers or flights.. after all, those are… Read More

Flying the SWISS Bombardier CS100

Hello from Zurich! I just had the pleasure of flying the SWISS Bombardier CS100 aircraft from Kraków to Zurich. While the flight time was only one hour, it was truly amazing to fly the new aircraft SWISS is operating on European routes. The SWISS Bombardier CS100 has been gradually introduced into the fleet meanwhile the Avro RJ100 has been retired. The new CS100 aircraft is… Read More

My $800 SWISS Business Class Error Fare Ticket

I love SWISS. They’re an awesome airline with a great First and Business Class product and stunning lounges at their hubs in Zurich and Geneva. Yesterday I had the pleasure of booking a SWISS Business Class error fare ticket from Zurich to San Francisco, round trip, for less than $800 USD. SWISS wasn’t the only airline involved in the error fare from Munich to San… Read More

BOOK NOW: Air Canada Business Class to Europe For $900!

BOOK NOW! Air Canada Business Class to Europe! This doesn’t only work from America/Canada to Europe but also the other direction – everyone should be able to take advantage of this incredible deal and earn a ton of miles! Flights from America and Canada to Europe for just ~$900 USD in Business Class: Boston to Paris isn’t the only combination that works, the fare also… Read More

When The Lufthansa Crew Stays at Your Hotel…

Assalamu alaykum from Qatar! I flew to Doha from Frankfurt yesterday in Lufthansa First Class, of course. The flight was excellent as usual and now I’m relaxing in Doha. This morning when I went to the beach (which was mostly empty), I hear German… I turn around and who do I see? The Lufthansa Crew from my flight! The Lufthansa Crew was excellent and the… Read More

Is Aeroplan Blocking Lufthansa First Class?

Despite not having flown Air Canada at all so far, I’ve redeemed over three million miles using their frequent flyer programme, Aeroplan. In general, I do like Aeroplan a lot – for the most part they have decent redemption rates, very competent agents, instant transfers from AMEX Membership Rewards, and Aeroplan doesn’t impose fuel surcharges on a number of airlines. However, recently, Aeroplan has been… Read More