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How To Book LifeMiles Awards Not Available Online

Avianca’s frequent flyer programme, LifeMiles, can be both amazing and horrible at the same time. The programme is so limited, yet sometimes so powerful (at the same time), that it’s just crazy. Here’s my experience booking LifeMiles awards that aren’t available online (such as your desired flight combination). Before I begin, I should note that LifeMiles is currently offering a bonus on purchased miles (as they… Read More

Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation

One common question I’m asked is: “what is the difference between a Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation?” Airline systems absolutely fascinate me – especially the way they sync with the airlines’ websites, flight information display systems, mobile apps, etc. Also, how airline integration works is a super cool subject – just seeing how various airlines partner with each other and how their systems are set… Read More

Booking Lufthansa First Class using Miles

Without a doubt Lufthansa has one of the world’s best First Class products (if not the best?), now of course with such a great hard and soft product, over the past couple of years it is becoming much more difficult to book using miles. I recently was lucky enough to book Lufthansa First Class a couple of months in advance using miles and I figured… Read More

SSSS on Boarding Pass – what does it mean?

Have you ever noticed ‘SSSS’ written on your boarding pass? And noticed that with those 4 S’s your travel day might have been impacted with additional screening? SSSS stands for ‘Secondary Security Screening Selection’, basically if you see this on your boarding pass, you will receive additional security throughout your time at the airport. When it comes to getting randomly selected, there are several myths… Read More