Landed: The Enhanced BoundlessMiles (Award Flight Service)

The future is looking very bright; it has been quite the past twelve months with every aspect of our life changing – I don’t think anyone would have ever expected or predicted the events that unfolded in March of last year. Almost a year later, various aspects regarding travel are looking radiant – demand has risen and countries are starting to welcome tourists again – I’m very optimistic and believe this summer will be exceptional.

In fact, we’ve already booked many BoundlessMiles clients on various trips this spring and summer; it’s always a pleasure to work with existing clients because that signifies to us they trust and were fully satisfied with BoundlessMiles in the past – something that puts a huge smile on my face. Which is why BoundlessMiles is constantly improving and enhancing our services.

Landed: The Enhanced BoundlessMiles

We’re pleased to introduce our next-generation; assisting travelers with redeeming miles and points worldwide. Following our launch in March 2015, we’ve worked with clients from all over the globe to transform their rewards into memorable trips which have spanned far and wide. We can’t wait to show you where your miles can take you.

The new, modern features plenty – including the ability to now submit an Award Flight Request with more details, leading to a quicker booking and less back-and-forth emails. Our home on the internet allows travelers to browse and familiarize themselves with various services we offer in relation to miles and points.

Introducing New Services

In addition to the enhanced Award Flight Services (now featuring a variety of trip booking request types – including multi-city and round the world), we’ve made our Miles & Points Consulting officially a service – featuring various session choices. Beyond those, we’re also adding BM Business, which focuses on managing travel for businesses of all sizes through miles and points redemptions. Finally, our Ancillary Services assist with anything related to miles and points, from ticket upgrades to availability monitoring to itinerary enhancements.

Beyond the new website and added services, we’re introducing +1.877.BLS.MILS. Feel free to call us in regards to new or already-booked requests, inquiries about our Miles & Points Consulting, questions relating to the services we offer, or anything else. We’ll be available during standard business hours in North America and if you’re unable to reach us, expect to be called back within 24 hours. We’re also now on Twitter (@BoundlessMiles) – be sure to follow us for the latest news and updates!

We understand the past year has been challenging for everyone and therefore we are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s travel plans are as smooth as possible. We’ll assist with any requests or inquiries you may have so you can fly with ease – and if your flight is cancelled or needs to be changed, a new itinerary will be sent to your Inbox within hours (subject to the current airline award availability).

BoundlessMiles transforms your miles and points for travel all around the globe. We’ve redeemed over a billion miles and points for various flights and trips – together, we’ll discover the world again. maximize your miles.