Singapore KrisFlyer Reinstates My (Illegally) Cancelled Ticket

It certainly has been a few interesting days with the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer call centre. I posted about how Singapore Airlines illegally cancelled my ticket because they claimed they cannot book Airbus aircraft on Alaska Airlines flights (essentially old Virgin America aircraft). How they determined this ridiculous rule is beyond me, but the fact that they actively found out that my ticket was issued and later cancelled it, is what pushed me over the edge.

Singapore Airlines, you do not just cancel a perfectly valid ticket that you issued because one of your agents didn’t know that Airbus aircraft on Alaska Airlines cannot be booked with SQ miles and proceeded to issue the ticket. It does not work like that. Never in the history of frequent flyer programmes have I ever witnessed such a similar event whereby an airline restricts booking flights on a partner airline because of aircraft type. Never.

Nevertheless, after fighting with Singapore Airlines for over 5 hours, I gave up and decided I was going to file a DoT complaint and that should resolve the issue – either SQ was going to pay for my ticket with cash or reinstate my ticket. There’s no way they would get away with this. Hell no. Here’s the thing – I haven’t yet filed the DoT complaint.

Well, this morning at 2AM, I get a phone call from the SQ contact centre and an agent advises me my original booking has been reinstated and they provided me with a new PNR (booking reference) and a new ticket number. They said nothing more and hung up… okay? So it looks like the flights have been ticketed, the miles were deducted, and my credit card was charged the taxes and fees. There was no apology from SQ but rather only a short call in which I was told the ticket is now issued. Everything looks good on Alaska’s end, so it once again looks like I finally might be able to fly to Hawaii.

It has been over 10 hours since the call and the booking still remains ticketed and issued, so I assume they either made an exception or there was no rule in the first place or something else…? Either way, I’ve had too much of stress over this one booking so I’ll leave it here. For now it looks good and confirmed – if anything changes I will be sure to keep all of you updated.

Time to now redeem SPG Marriott points for a nice hotel in Hawaii and try to relax… maybe?