Fly SWISS First Class for ~$400

SWISS currently operates a flight from Zurich to Muscat via Dubai. The flight lands in Dubai and continues to Muscat about an hour later and the awesome aspect of this flight is that SWISS has rights to transport passengers from Dubai to Muscat or Muscat to Dubai only – passengers do not need to fly to/from Zurich.

SWISS’ daily flight to Dubai/Muscat is operated with an Airbus A330-300 featuring First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class. The flight is timed ideally from those flying from Europe or North America to the Middle East via Zurich – leaving during the middle of each day and arriving in the evening. The awesome part? SWISS sells all cabins of service on the short 1 hour flight from Dubai to Muscat (and the other way around). How expensive is a one-way ticket between Dubai and Muscat?

  • Economy Class: ~$90 USD
  • Business Class: ~$290 USD
  • First Class: ~$430 USD
SWISS First Airbus A330
SWISS First Airbus A330

What’s awesome is that all classes of service on this route are significantly less expensive than what other airlines charge on this route (Emirates, Oman Air, etc). If you’re paying for Business Class on this short route, you might as well spend an extra ~$100 and fly First Class… because why not?

SWISS First for ~$400
SWISS First for ~$400

Obviously I don’t think I’d ever pay ~$400 for a one-hour flight when I can pay ~$90 and fly in Economy. I assume passengers in First and Business Class will receive some kind of snack on this short flight (like what SWISS would serve in European Business Class) and presumably Economy Class passengers might only receive drinks.

I find it incredibly cool that SWISS has rights to fly passengers between the two Middle Eastern cities. If I’m in Dubai and would like to fly to Muscat, you can bet that I will be taking this flight as it is cheaper than any of the other options. The only thing that isn’t ideal is the flight time as it departs/arrives a bit late… but otherwise, everything is perfect about this flight.

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  1. The F&B service on this short flight would be so reduced/relaxed that is hard to see the value in flying F. I predict you would be very disappointed if you were expecting the full-on SWISS F service.

  2. They serve a small snack and only have limited drinks selection. The flight is only 35 min in the air. Lounge is the regular LH lounge in DXB, pretty sad lounge. Not sure what they use in MCT now in the new airport building.

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