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Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation

One common question I’m asked is: “what is the difference between a Confirmed Reservation vs Ticketed Reservation?” Airline systems absolutely fascinate me – especially the way they sync with the airlines’ websites, flight information display systems, mobile apps, etc. Also, how airline integration works is a super cool subject – just seeing how various airlines partner with each other and how their systems are set… Read More

Brunch at Burj Al Arab

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction No visit to Dubai would be complete without visiting the Burj Al Arab, “the world’s only seven star hotel” and “the world’s most exclusive hotel”. The Burj Al Arab is located on a man-made island next to the Palm Jumeirah, and isn’t open to the public and therefore you need to be either a guest or have a reservation at one of… Read More

Introducing BoundlessMiles! (My Award Help Service)

  Introducing BoundlessMiles! BoundlessMiles is my own award booking help service. I’m super excited to start my own award booking service for a number of reasons including the fact that readers constantly email me asking if I can help with their miles and reservations. Of course I help as much as I can, but I can’t get to every single email from you guys. I… Read More