United’s MileagePlus Restrictions are Killing Me

United Airlines devalued MileagePlus a few years ago and basically destroyed all of the value the programme had. Before the changes, the programme was actually amazing and my favourite use of Chase Ultimate Rewards points. However, first came an award chart devaluation whereby some awards went up 100% in cost and then came a major restriction in routing rules – basically if it doesn’t show… Read More

5 Reasons Why United Polaris Service is Awful

United Airlines, a founding member of the Star Alliance, is the worst full-service and “traditional” airline in America. From rude flight attendants, to incompetent and idiotic phone agents, to passengers being dragged off of the aircraft, to $hit service in First Class, the list goes on and on… United Polaris, the new Business Class service, isn’t any better and never will be, like promised. I… Read More

You Can Still Avoid United’s $75 Close-in Fee

American and United Airlines love to charge a $75 close-in fee on award tickets. This is essentially an additional fee which is added to your award ticket when you make the reservation less than 21 days before departure. Considering all of the fees and charges in the frequent flyer world, I think the $75 close-in fee is the biggest scam – it doesn’t cost American or… Read More

United’s New Award Doesn’t Work in Canada

United Airlines introduced a variety of changes to MileagePlus which went into effect on 01 November. One of the changes was actually positive – the ability to book an award on short-haul, nonstop flights under 800 miles for just 8k United MileagePlus miles. This is a fantastic change as some last minute short-haul flights can be expensive. While this new change is generally positive, it doesn’t… Read More

New United MileagePlus Award: Flights for 8k Miles

United Airlines introduced a variety of changes to MileagePlus which went into effect on 01 November. Changes are mostly negative with the award chart being devalued… something airlines seem to love doing. However, surprisingly, there were a few positive changes announced – one of which includes being able to book flights for 8k miles. United Airlines loves making (negative) changes to their frequent flyer programme… Read More

Here’s What United Said About My Awful Global First Experience

Last Friday I flew United Airlines Global First from San Francisco to Frankfurt on their ancient Boeing 747-400. I flew the product voluntarily and no one forced me to. Hell, some people thought something happened to me when I told them I’m flying United. Internationally. I really thought United had changed. You’d think after all of the service improvements they said they were going to implement and… Read More

Despite Polaris Enhancements, United International First Class is still a Joke

11k METRES ABOVE – Hello from the sky. I honestly do not even know where to begin.. Oh, United… I’m presently somewhere over the Atlantic on my way from San Francisco to Frankfurt on a United Airlines Boeing 747-400 in United Polaris First Class (Global First). I was really looking forward to the flight, I’ve read United did get better in the premium cabins since… Read More

When United Can’t Refund Correctly…

I need to rant. I’ve just about had it with United and their refunds department (oh, and perhaps their horrible computer system which can never process anything correctly). Let me explain. As you all know, I have an award booking service, and one of my clients needed to change his award ticket for travel out of a different city. Ok, no problem. I changed the… Read More

United’s New Ad is… Optimistic

United Airlines announced a few months ago their new Business Class product, entitled “United Polaris”. Why they decided to go with that name is beyond me.. it doesn’t really fit anything and I personally prefer “BusinessFirst”… it sounds more exclusive and even better marketing since you have “First” in the name. Anyway, United released an ad for their new Business Class product last week and… Read More

Review: United Airlines Business Class B737 San Francisco to Mexico City

United Airlines 412 San Francisco (SFO) – Mexico City (MEX) Boeing 737-800 25 May 2016 I had about a four hour connection in San Francisco and I spent the majority of that time relaxing at the AMEX Centurion Lounge before heading to the United Club in the International Terminal. I was able to enjoy a nice dinner at the Centurion Lounge and then later a… Read More