Lufthansa Lounge Access with AMEX Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum Card is widely considered “the” premium travel credit card, as it was the first to include lounge access, airline credit, premium concierge service, and more. In the past few years, many banks have created their own premium travel credit card which features lounge access, airline credits, point transfers to airlines, etc. and AMEX has been enhancing the Platinum Card more and… Read More

AMEX Freezing MR Points After Referral and Sign-Up Bonus

American Express used to be my favourite card issuer of credit cards that earn lots of miles & points. Over the years, the prestigious AMEX standard has gone way down – the customer service is terrible, the sign-up bonuses are “once-in-a-lifetime”, and there hasn’t been any new card offerings that would attract customers. The one area where American Express still shines are the Centurion Lounges… Read More

American Express Cards I Currently Have

American Express is my favourite card issuer – they have generous sign-up bonuses, fantastic card benefits, their points transfer to a number of airlines and hotels, their customer service is amazing, and they have their own airport lounges. On top of that, just about anyone will be approved for an American Express card as long as your credit history is clean and you have some… Read More

Why the AMEX Platinum Card is still King

The American Express Platinum Card is the card that set the standard for premium travel cards. It was the initial “premium travel” card featuring airline incidental fee credits, lounge access, no foreign transaction fees, incredible customer service, and lots of other premium benefits. The AMEX Platinum card currently features even more benefits such as a $200 USD yearly Uber credit, access to even more lounges,… Read More

Warning: Don’t Use AMEX with PayPal

While I generally used to love American Express, over the past year or so they have become an unreliable bank with mediocre card options and limited transfer partners. A few years ago, I told everyone that AMEX is the best due to the vast transfer partners, amazing signup offers, and generous cards. While some of that still exists today, the customer service American Express is… Read More

American Express’ Customer Service Is Rapidly Declining

Look, I like American Express. One of the first cards I ever applied for when I turned 18 was the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card, and I still hold on to it. AMEX issues some fantastic Travel Rewards Credit Cards, Hotel Rewards Credit Cards, and generally any Point Rewards Credit Cards. However, American Express’ customer service is rapidly declining. Recently I’ve experienced terrible customer service from American Express. I’m… Read More

Here’s My Favourite American Express Card

American Express is my favourite issuer of Travel Rewards Credit Cards, Hotel Rewards Credit Cards, and generally any Point Rewards Credit Cards. They also have some amazing No Annual Fee Credit Cards, that earn real Membership Rewards points that can be transferred to many airlines and hotels at a 1:1 ratio.. that’s incredible for a no annual fee card. One of the first American Express cards I… Read More

American Express: “Wow… You’ve Got Everything”

If there is one bank I love the most, it is American Express. They issue the best Travel Rewards Credit Cards, Point Rewards Credit Cards, and Hotel Rewards Credit Cards. Not only that, their famous Membership Rewards points transfer to dozens of airlines and also to various hotels – so using AMEX points in a good way isn’t hard at all. I’m currently doing an… Read More

My New AMEX Platinum Metal Card is Here!

American Express announced a few weeks ago some major changes to their prestigious Platinum Card, which is the original “premium” travel card. Some changes include a $200 USD Uber credit, 5x points for hotel bookings, and an all-new metal design. I’ve been waiting daily since the announcement for the new changes to take effect, and I’ve already used the Uber credit for a few rides in… Read More

AMEX Platinum Card Changes: Metal Design, 5x Points on Hotels, $200 Uber Credit

American Express has just announced some major changes to one of the best travel cards in the industry, the AMEX Platinum Card. The Platinum Card is widely regarded as one of the best travel cards out there due to the numerous benefits, which include worldwide airport lounge access, a $200 USD airline incidental-fee credit, 5x points-per-dollar spent on airfare, $100 USD fee credit for Global… Read More