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A Visit (to the) HOM (House of Miles) – Introduction

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I’ve reviewed the American Express Centurion Studio in Seattle once before, however I briefly stopped by last time and didn’t have enough time to actually “take-in” the experience of the lounge and the atmosphere it provides. I was able to visit the Centurion Studio in Seattle twice last week – during the morning and at night to try the different food options.

The Centurion Studio has several comfortable seating areas spread throughout the lounge, there is a media area in the back of the lounge which features AMEX’s signature “luggage” wall. Comfortable relaxing chairs and sofas are available throughout the lounge. People frequently report that the studio gets crowded, however I was there during regular morning and afternoon hours and I didn’t encounter a ton of people (as the pictures show).

Long story short, since the opening of the Centurion Studio, the food has definitely improved and now there is a wide selection of more hot food items during both the morning and evening. I was able to sample a few soups and salads as well as other “dinner” options and all of the food was delicious and by far the best from any other Seattle Airport Lounge. The breakfast menu remains more or less the same, except there are more varieties of certain items available. The food selection both during the evening and morning is now excellent and you can truly, finally eat at an airport lounge in Seattle and not be hungry.

Drinks include a wide selection of juice, tea, coffee, water, soda, etc. Alcohol is provided by the staff that roam the lounge, although the selection isn’t very extensive.

Overall, the AMEX Centurion Studio in Seattle is an excellent lounge that provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere along with many healthy snacks, drinks, and a gorgeous overall design.


AMEX Centurion Studio SEA View
AMEX Centurion Studio SEA View


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