Flying Qatar Airways B787 Business Class

Hello from one of the most relaxing places on Earth – Bali, Indonesia! I just flew here this morning from Doha, Qatar flying the Qatar Airways B787 Business Class – it’s incredible! Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft feature the exact same Business Class product – in a 1-2-1 configuration, meaning each seat has direct aisle access. The ability to sit both next… Read More

When The Lufthansa Crew Stays at Your Hotel…

Assalamu alaykum from Qatar! I flew to Doha from Frankfurt yesterday in Lufthansa First Class, of course. The flight was excellent as usual and now I’m relaxing in Doha. This morning when I went to the beach (which was mostly empty), I hear German… I turn around and what do I see? The Lufthansa Crew from my flight! The Lufthansa Crew was excellent and the… Read More

Another Mini-RTW Begins!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I know I am, however for some reason, I didn’t travel much in July at all – only from Seattle to Kraków. That’s due to the fact that I just moved entirely back home to Kraków after completing uni in Seattle. July was truly hectic and my move explains the lack of posts on the blog.. so I… Read More

My Favourite Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Redemption

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is a distance-based frequent flyer programme – meaning that the further you fly, the more you will pay. One huge advantage Asia Miles members have over other oneworld frequent flyer programmes, is that they have access to more Cathay Pacific award space (similar to what Lufthansa does – releases more seats to Miles & More members). I’ve redeemed many Asia Miles… Read More

Flying Qatar Airways B787 Business Class

When The Lufthansa Crew Stays at Your Hotel…

Another Mini-RTW Begins!

My Favourite Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Redemption

When You Redeem LifeMiles on Avianca…

Hello from Lima, Peru! One of my friends and I are on our way to Cusco for the rest of the week before heading back to North America after spending some time in South America. We are currently at a really terrible Priority Pass lounge in Lima’s domestic part of the airport and the experience is awful… Anyway, we flew this morning from Santiago to Lima on… Read More

“Why Does Your Passport Have So Many Stamps?”

Hello from Santiago, Chile! I arrived yesterday evening from Buenos Aires and am staying here for the next few days before I continue my South American journey. I just wanted to share a small detail from my journey yesterday involving my passport. I flew Aerolíneas Argentinas from Buenos Aires to Santiago yesterday on a Boeing 737-800.. I mean there isn’t really a better way to use… Read More

Is Three Days in One Place Enough?

I travel a bit differently than most in that I don’t go to the major tourist attractions in each city, but rather walk around, get lost, and just enjoy where I end up – exploring different paths of a new place. Most often than not, I don’t spend more than three days in one place (unless it is maybe a “real” holiday where I’m on… Read More

Hola from Buenos Aires!

Hola from Buenos Aires! I landed in Argentina this morning, from Frankfurt, in Lufthansa First Class.. on Lufthansa’s longest flight. It was one of the best Lufthansa First Class flights ever – the crew was amazing and the food was delicious. The only downside is that I slept for nearly 10 hours! The total flight time was around 13 hours and therefore I didn’t enjoy… Read More

When You’re Alone in the Lufthansa First Class Lounge…

It is no secret that I love Lufthansa and their entire First Class experience – it is simply incredible from the moment you enter the airport to the moment you pick up your baggage at your final destination. I’m flying soon and as I wrote yesterday, it seems like I might have an empty First Class cabin all to myself. But what’s cooler in addition to… Read More

Lufthansa First Class B747-8: Where Do I Sit?!

I’m flying Lufthansa First Class soon and much to my surprise, the cabin is wide open. Like wide open, it is just me as of now. I also checked the flight inventory in the booking system and it shows there are still 7 seats left for sale in First Class. Lufthansa’s First Class cabin has 8 seats total – meaning it is just me at… Read More

Booked: Lufthansa’s Longest Flight in First Class

When it comes to the First Class experience, it is best to fly it on ultra-long routes (and of course get to the airport plenty early to experience the wonderful ground services). My favourite First Class product is Lufthansa First Class and I’ve flown it at least 30 times in my life already (if not more). However, Lufthansa is drastically reducing First Class so there… Read More

Here’s What United Said About My Awful Global First Experience

Last Friday I flew United Airlines Global First from San Francisco to Frankfurt on their ancient Boeing 747-400. I flew the product voluntarily and no one forced me to. Hell, some people thought something happened to me when I told them I’m flying United. Internationally. I really thought United had changed. You’d think after all of the service improvements they said they were going to implement and… Read More

Is This The Longest Lufthansa First Class Flight?

The Lufthansa First Class product is incredible – comfortable seating, delicious food, attentive and professional service, amazing ground services, etc. The only issue is that Lufthansa is eliminating First Class from their aircraft like crazy. It all started a few years ago with the Boeing 747-400 which featured a separate seat and bed in First Class. That was cut. Then First Class was eliminated from… Read More

Lufthansa First or SWISS Business?

I’m flying in a few days and naturally, I haven’t booked anything yet. As I explained yesterday, I love to book last minute because I literally have a wide selection of airlines to select from. Should I fly Lufthansa First or SWISS Business Class? I’ve flown Lufthansa First Class more times than I can count, but I’ve only flown SWISS Business Class once a few… Read More