5 Reasons Why I’ll Miss airBerlin

The end is near for airBerlin. The airline filed for insolvency after Etihad Airways withdrew their financial support and now it is official – all airBerlin flights will terminate on 28 October. Over the past few months the airline has been slowly dying – and I’m sad about it. I really love airBerlin and I think they are a decent European airline with a great route… Read More

No Wonder “Normal” People Hate Frequent Flyer Miles…

A long time ago before I became involved in the miles & points hobby, I remember that my dad would always say about how miles are worthless because you need to spend 30k USD for a one-way flight to Europe, essentially earning 1 mile per $1 USD spent, without any signup bonus. This was a long time ago and I didn’t put much thinking into… Read More

The Strangest Place Lufthansa Offers First Class To…

Lufthansa First Class is the way to fly. With many carriers removing First Class or significantly cost-cutting First Class (Cathay, Etihad, Emirates, etc.), Lufthansa has maintained the same high standard in First Class for years.. no cost-cutting, same incredible level of service, delicious food, and an amazing overall product. Since I love LH First Class more than any other product, I was checking destinations that Lufthansa… Read More

Warning: Don’t Use AMEX with PayPal

While I generally used to love American Express, over the past year or so they have become an unreliable bank with mediocre card options and limited transfer partners. A few years ago, I told everyone that AMEX is the best due to the vast transfer partners, amazing signup offers, and generous cards. While some of that still exists today, the customer service American Express is… Read More

5 Reasons Why I’ll Miss airBerlin

No Wonder “Normal” People Hate Frequent Flyer Miles…

The Strangest Place Lufthansa Offers First Class To…

Warning: Don’t Use AMEX with PayPal

BOOK NOW: Air Canada Business Class to Europe For $900!

BOOK NOW! Air Canada Business Class to Europe! This doesn’t only work from America/Canada to Europe but also the other direction – everyone should be able to take advantage of this incredible deal and earn a ton of miles! Flights from America and Canada to Europe for just ~$900 USD in Business Class: Boston to Paris isn’t the only combination that works, the fare also… Read More

Some airberlin Flights No Longer Bookable Using Avios

airberlin is dying a slow and painful death – and it is an ugly one. Firstly the airline filed for insolvency after Etihad Airways withdrew their financial support, then they informed the members of their frequent flyer programme, topbonus, that “they can’t promise” that miles will be credited, and then the bank that issues the German topbonus credit card informed cardmembers the card would no… Read More

Uber Driver Wouldn’t Let Me Get Out!

I’ve spent the past week on the gorgeous island of Bali, Indonesia. I simply love it there – gorgeous beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. Yesterday I flew from Bali to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific, but before that, I requested an uber to the airport and when we arrived at the airport.. the uber driver wouldn’t let me get out of his car. Uber is an… Read More

Flying Qatar Airways B787 Business Class

Hello from one of the most relaxing places on Earth – Bali, Indonesia! I just flew here this morning from Doha, Qatar flying the Qatar Airways B787 Business Class – it’s incredible! Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft feature the same exact Business Class product – in a 1-2-1 configuration. The ability to sit both next to the aisle and window in Business… Read More

When The Lufthansa Crew Stays at Your Hotel…

Assalamu alaykum from Qatar! I flew to Doha from Frankfurt yesterday in Lufthansa First Class, of course. The flight was excellent as usual and now I’m relaxing in Doha. This morning when I went to the beach (which was mostly empty), I hear German… I turn around and who do I see? The Lufthansa Crew from my flight! The Lufthansa Crew was excellent and the… Read More

Another Mini-RTW Begins!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I know I am, however for some reason, I didn’t travel much in July at all – only from Seattle to Kraków. That’s due to the fact that I just moved entirely back home to Kraków after completing uni in Seattle. July was truly hectic and my move explains the lack of posts on the blog.. so I… Read More

My Favourite Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Redemption

Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is a distance-based frequent flyer programme – meaning the further you fly, the more you will pay. One huge advantage Asia Miles members have over other oneworld frequent flyer programmes, is that they have access to more Cathay Pacific award space (similar to what Lufthansa does – more seats to Miles & More members). I’ve redeemed many Asia Miles miles (mostly… Read More

Is Aeroplan Blocking Lufthansa First Class?

Despite not having flown Air Canada at all so far, I’ve redeemed over three million miles using their frequent flyer programme, Aeroplan. In general, I do like Aeroplan a lot – for the most part they have decent redemption rates, very competent agents, instant transfers from AMEX Membership Rewards, and Aeroplan doesn’t impose fuel surcharges on a number of airlines. However, recently, Aeroplan has been… Read More

Mixed Feelings: Moving From Seattle

Hello from Kraków, Poland! A few days ago, I officially moved back to my home country from Seattle, flying in style of course. I’m happy to be back home with all of my family and it is exciting to be back in my beloved Europe where I really do feel like I am at home. However, I’m having mixed feelings about moving from Seattle… I’ve… Read More

American Express’ Customer Service Is Rapidly Declining

Look, I like American Express. One of the first cards I ever applied for when I turned 18 was the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card, and I still hold on to it. AMEX issues some fantastic Travel Rewards Credit Cards, Hotel Rewards Credit Cards, and generally any Point Rewards Credit Cards. However, American Express’ customer service is rapidly declining. Recently I’ve experienced terrible customer service from American Express. I’m… Read More