5 Reasons Why I’ll Miss airBerlin

The end is near for airBerlin. The airline filed for insolvency after Etihad Airways withdrew their financial support and now it is official – all airBerlin flights will terminate on 28 October. Over the past few months the airline has been slowly dying – and I’m sad about it. I really love airBerlin and I think they are a decent European airline with a great route… Read More

No Wonder “Normal” People Hate Frequent Flyer Miles…

A long time ago before I became involved in the miles & points hobby, I remember that my dad would always say about how miles are worthless because you need to spend 30k USD for a one-way flight to Europe, essentially earning 1 mile per $1 USD spent, without any signup bonus. This was a long time ago and I didn’t put much thinking into… Read More

The Strangest Place Lufthansa Offers First Class To…

Lufthansa First Class is the way to fly. With many carriers removing First Class or significantly cost-cutting First Class (Cathay, Etihad, Emirates, etc.), Lufthansa has maintained the same high standard in First Class for years.. no cost-cutting, same incredible level of service, delicious food, and an amazing overall product. Since I love LH First Class more than any other product, I was checking destinations that Lufthansa… Read More

Warning: Don’t Use AMEX with PayPal

While I generally used to love American Express, over the past year or so they have become an unreliable bank with mediocre card options and limited transfer partners. A few years ago, I told everyone that AMEX is the best due to the vast transfer partners, amazing signup offers, and generous cards. While some of that still exists today, the customer service American Express is… Read More

First Impressions of Paris

Bonjour! I’ve spent this past weekend in Paris with gorgeous weather of 20-22 degrees C, which I find the most pleasing for walking around and exploring. The main reason why I decided to fly to Paris last weekend was because I found some great hotel deals right in the city centre and also because, well, I hadn’t been to Paris yet. So how was it?… Read More

Apply Now For The Miles & More World Elite Mastercard!

The first ever credit card that I applied for when I turned 18 is the Lufthansa Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard®, which is issued by Barclaycard US. I fly with Lufthansa and the Lufthansa Group the most and therefore Miles & More is my primary (and favourite) frequent flyer programme. Since I’m a Senator, I can literally book Lufthansa First Class or SWISS First Class… Read More

My Longest Economy Class Flight in 5+ Years

Thanks to miles and points, most of the time I don’t have to fly Economy Class. The only exceptions are flights under 3 hours – if Economy is substantially cheaper or there is a great deal, I do not mind Economy Class and will be perfectly happy if the flight is under 3 hours. The last time that I flew Economy Class on a long-haul… Read More

Canada to Europe Round-Trip for 20k SPG Points

My favourite frequent flyer programme is Miles & More. While the programme does impose fuel surcharges, those can often be lowered if you’re strategic about which routes you book. Furthermore, Miles & More allows anyone to book Lufthansa First Class whenever you want before departure (otherwise it is only released 14 days before departure to partner airlines). Currently, you can redeem 25k Miles & More… Read More

Happiness in a Picture

Here’s my happiness in a picture… actually more like in a screenshot: I was lucky to book two seats for myself and a friend next month from Zurich to San Francisco using Miles & More miles (I’m a Senator so I can bring along a companion even if they’re not a Senator). Further reading: Book Now: SWISS First Class Awards Wide Open For Miles & More… Read More

How I’m Celebrating New Year’s Eve This Year

I’m not really the “grand party” type of guy – yeah I enjoy parties and meeting up with friends and whatnot, but I like it to be in a smaller environment instead of it being in a loud club or somewhere where it is impossible to talk. I’ve never really celebrated New Year’s Eve in terms of a big, proper party or whatever. This year… Read More