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A Visit (to the) HOM (House of Miles) – Introduction

After a wonderful, quick trip to the House of Miles, it was time to fly back to Seattle. My flight was leaving at 17:00 to Denver and I arrived at the airport around 16:10. Colorado Springs airport is very nice and compact, with virtually no people or crowds at all. I think that there were only two flights leaving at 17:00, both small airplanes, and therefore the terminal was mostly empty.

Colorado Springs does have a lounge! It is officially the Mortgage Solutions Financial Premier Lounge (at Colorado Springs Airport). You can access the lounge through a variety of methods, the most common are being an elite with most airlines that depart from COS, or via Priority Pass or Lounge Club.

The lounge is small overall, however the staff are very friendly and super nice. Unfortunately I arrived there just as the Paris attacks were unfolding and therefore it was a bit of a shock as I hadn’t known what happened.

The lounge is very clean, nice, and features a variety of comfortable seating areas. There is also a conference room which contains a variety of materials related to business. The lounge was virtually empty most of the time I was there.

Snacks include delicious muffins, pretzels, chips, fruit, and protein bars. Drinks are located in the back of the lounge and consist of soda, coffee, tea, water, juice, etc.

All in all, a comfortable, quiet little lounge in Colorado Springs. I should note there are no bathrooms inside of the lounge, however since the airport is so small, it is just a quick walk outside into the terminal.