Exploring Zurich

Two Days in Zurich – Introduction Arriving in Zurich on Monday afternoon and departing on Wednesday morning meant that I’d have 1.5 days to explore gorgeous Zurich. I was mainly interested in exploring and walking around the city and therefore I didn’t really have time to explore outside of Zurich. Ever since I was young, I knew I always wanted to visit. The city has… Read More

Exploring Barcelona

Brussels and Barcelona – Introduction Barcelona is perhaps Europe’s most gorgeous city, with a rich history, culture, and way of life. Many would probably consider Rome or Paris to be the most beautiful city in Europe, but there’s just something special about the Spanish culture. The Spanish way of life is different – family and health are some of the most important aspects in everyone’s lives…. Read More

Exploring Brussels

Brussels and Barcelona – Introduction I was in Brussels for just one night before flying to Barcelona the next day. I arrived in the afternoon and made it to my hotel shortly after that, and eventually made it to the centre of the city by about 16:30. Thankfully it is summer, and therefore I could stay and see more of the city due to the longer day. I… Read More

Exploring Chicago

Visiting a Friend in Chicago – Introduction First of all, I apologise for the lack of posts the past two weeks. Uni has started again and I’ve been super busy and haven’t had time to do anything miles-related (except for travelling to New York a few weeks ago and Las Vegas last weekend). I’ve also been busy with the blog redesign and BoundlessMiles… but that is… Read More

Exploring Rio de Janeiro

Three Days in Rio de Janeiro – Introduction I was in Rio de Janeiro for just the weekend, so about three days in total. I arrived Friday afternoon and was scheduled to depart Sunday evening and therefore I wanted to relax and see as much of the city as I could in the little time I had. I absolutely loved Rio de Janeiro – plus… Read More

Exploring Los Angeles

24+ Hours in Los Angeles – Introduction We had just over twenty four hours in Los Angeles and decided to try to see as many parts of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas as possible. We landed at LAX at about 13:00 and made it to the hotel past 14:40, we relaxed a bit and toured Hollywood and the surrounding areas for the remainder of… Read More

Exploring Dubai

Glamorous Dubai – Introduction I spent three full days exploring Dubai, beginning with downtown, then the Marina, and lastly Dubai Creek. Since I stayed at three different hotels, I was able to stay close to the places I was going to visit on each given day. Some of the key places I visited include the Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Creek, The Mall, Palm Jumeirah,… Read More

Exploring Iceland

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction Without a doubt, Iceland was the most exciting part of the whole trip for me. I’ve long wanted to visit Iceland ever since seeing pictures of what various parts of the country look like, it is just beyond gorgeous. When I booked London and Edinburgh, a crazy thought came into my head – since I’m already… Read More

Exploring Edinburgh

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction We spent three days in Scotland’s gorgeous capital, Edinburgh. Most of the time we spent walking around the city and admiring the beautiful dark buildings, I really like the contrast of the green and dark. We were also able to visit a couple of museums and also the main attraction – Edinburgh Castle. The view from… Read More

Exploring London

10 Days – England, Scotland, and Iceland – Introduction We had a total of four days in London and basically visited every important landmark that we wanted to. I’m more of a person that likes to walk around in the city instead of seeing museums, however we still did see some important ones. Here’s a full list of every important place we visited in London:… Read More