Apple Watch – First Impressions

Yesterday morning a UPS driver woke me up with my doorbell and had me sign for a package, as he handed me the package I immediately recognised the shape of the box – must contain an Apple Watch. The thing is that I ordered one like a month ago and forgot about it ever since, and I didn’t check the email that I used to purchase… Read More

My Favourite Travel Apps

When it comes to iPhone Travel Apps there are massive amounts of actual travel apps – but the thing is that few of them are actually any good and ‘worth it’. I thought I would share with you guys my favourite travel apps for the iPhone, most of these I use on a regular basis and are on my main home page. 1. Airline Apps… Read More

Bypassing website location restrictions

Staying connected while travelling is perhaps one of the most important things to us – we need to either check email, text family/friends, work, etc. However sometimes we end up in countries which limit what is on the internet and what people can access (China, for example, limits a ton of things). Ever wonder how you can bypass website location restrictions? Personally I’ve never (so far)… Read More

Best online flight Logbook

There are several online ‘logbook’ type websites that allow you to track your flights and then display them to you in a very informative way. I haven’t really been using such websites to track my flights and instead use an Excel spreadsheet to track all of my flying activity and miles. Here’s what I have on my spreadsheet: The number of the flight (the number… Read More

LoungeBuddy App

While casually browsing the App Store on my iPhone last night, I discovered an amazing app which I’m surprised I’ve never heard of, LoungeBuddy! The app is really cool because you can select & save your Elite Status, Lounge Memberships, Credit Cards, etc and then the app uses that information to provide you lounge information at an airport of your choice. In my settings I… Read More