My Favourite Travel Apps

Phone applications have changed everything – gone are the days of visiting a website to actually do something, am I right? In most cases, you can use a phone app to do just about anything – from booking a flight to buying a house to getting a date (ok, that last one has never worked for me). I can’t remember the last time I actually… Read More

Where to Credit your Miles!

I love technology, and especially travel technology that makes my life easier pre-travel, during travel, and post-travel. Pre-travel technology tools that I love include websites like where you can easily check award availability. “During Travel” tools include tools such as TripIt that update you on your gate, flight status, etc. Post-Travel tools include flight management or logging software where you could log your flights…. Read More

ExpertFlyer displaying Star Alliance Availability

ExpertFlyer is now displaying availability on many more airlines including those in the Star Alliance network. ExpertFlyer is by far my favourite frequent flyer tool when it comes to finding flights. The only issue is that a while back they pulled many airlines’ availability award space from their website because either some airlines asked them to or they had some legal issues with displaying that… Read More

A Week with iPhone 6S

I’ve had my iPhone 6S for just over a week, and man am I impressed. It’s a huge upgrade over my iPhone 5 and so many new features make my life easy. Touch ID is probably my favourite feature ever, I mean I can now login to my bank apps quickly and conveniently with just my finger! Amazing! Especially considering that we have millions of credit… Read More

My new iPhone 6S

I love technology, and especially new technology. I’m actually studying Information Technology at uni and will graduate with a degree in the field within a few years. Travel and Technology work great together – we can literally google any place in the world and instantly see photos and descriptions of cities all around the world. On one hand, it kind of ruins the “adventure” factor of travelling somewhere new,… Read More

MileagePlus X – powerful way to earn miles

A couple of months ago, United introduced a new, powerful way to earn much more miles while shopping… but this time it isn’t online shopping – it’s actual shopping in store. So, how does it work? Download the MileagePlus X app for your phone, sign in with your United account, and you’re all set! Now all you have to do is see which stores you… Read More

What is Geocaching?

I got into Geocaching a couple of years ago and despite the fact that I’m older, it’s still more or less ‘fun’. What exactly is geocaching? Well here is the simplest explanation: it’s a GPS-based way to find containers (“caches”) around the world. Link: Basically people hide containers around the world and then others that play ‘the game’ find the containers based on GPS… Read More

So… I returned my Apple Watch

A couple of days ago, I wrote about my first impressions of the Apple Watch, and I admit it, I really like the device… but the thing is that it’s not necessary. I mean… it has basically everything that the iPhone has and I just can’t be bothered to keep an ‘iPhone accessory’ that costs $350 USD, just so I can have quicker access to my content… Read More

Using ITA Matrix

Link: ITA Matrix is my favourite way of searching for revenue (cash-paid) flights. The website has literally a million of different options, filters, sorting, etc. On top of that, it displays most of the world’s major airlines, and perhaps the most useful feature to me: fare information breakdown and the ability to search by booking class. Say we want to do a basic search from… Read More

Free International Data with T-Mobile (U.S.)

Over the past two years or so, T-Mobile in the United States has been significantly changing how the wireless carrier operates. For one, there are no contracts anymore – you can leave when you want and don’t have to pay any termination fees. Yet another awesome thing is that they will pay your early termination fees when you switch to them from another carrier and… Read More