I Need a European Version of TSA PreCheck

As much as we all complain about the TSA and their ridiculous procedures that often don’t make sense, I think we can all agree that TSA PreCheck is the greatest thing that’s happened to airport security in the USA. I love not having to remove anything from my bag (or my shoes) and pass through security in literally 10-15 seconds.. it is amazing and something… Read More

I Miss TSA PreCheck… A Lot

TSA PreCheck is arguably the only thing the TSA ever got right… something that actually improves the travel experience for passengers? Shocking! TSA PreCheck is virtually open to anyone residing in the United States and a few other countries and while there is a fee to join the programme, many fantastic Travel Rewards Credit Cards, Hotel Rewards Credit Cards, and Point Rewards Credit Cards provide a statement credit when you use… Read More

Updates about Germanwings flight 4U-9525

As you all know, a Germanwings A320 crashed earlier this week en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Most of the story is still developing and we are just beginning to find out what happened aboard flight 9525, the facts are chilling and shocking. What is horrifying to me is that the airplane literally broke apart into a million+ pieces. The biggest part of the plane left… Read More

Non-U.S. citizens/residents get Pre-Check?

I recently flew from Houston to Cancun in United Business Class and noticed something very strange: my grandparents who were travelling with me got TSA Pre-Check… and they aren’t U.S. residents/citizens and just have a U.S. Visa from Poland and a Polish Passport. To be clear: I booked my reservation separately after they booked theirs since I didn’t know if I was going to go None of… Read More