Updates about Germanwings flight 4U-9525

As you all know, a Germanwings A320 crashed earlier this week en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. Most of the story is still developing and we are just beginning to find out what happened aboard flight 9525, the facts are chilling and shocking. What is horrifying to me is that the airplane literally broke apart into a million+ pieces. The biggest part of the plane left… Read More

Germanwings A320 crashes in the French Alps (Flight 4U 9525 BCN-DUS)

I woke up to terrible news this morning – a Germanwings Airbus A320 aircraft (flight 4U 9525) flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf has crashed in the French Alps. The story is still developing and so far we know that no distress signal was issued by the pilots and that the aircraft descended in a straight line for eight minutes. All 144 passengers and 6 crew members… Read More