Early Next Year: New Seattle Alaska Airlines Board Room

Alaska Airlines currently operates two lounges, “Board Rooms”, at their home in Seattle. These include the old lounge in Concourse D and the newer, temporary lounge at the North Satellite. While their lounge portfolio is small, they also have a lounge in Anchorage, Los Angeles, and Portland. The Alaska Airlines Board Room is a basic, domestic airline lounge with honestly no special amenities (besides a pancake… Read More

Alaska + Virgin: “Flying Better Together”

Alaska Airlines announced a few months back that they are going to acquire and merge with Virgin America, their slogan for the merger is “Flying Better Together”. Alaska and JetBlue were both fighting to see who was going to be able to buy Virgin America. Initially, JetBlue seemed like the perfect match for Virgin America. This is because JetBlue has a strong presence on the… Read More

When Alaska has 100+ Airline Partners…

I’ll be the first to admit that I kind of like Alaska Airlines.. it isn’t because I live in Seattle half of the year, or because they have a cool brand video, or because most of the flight attendants are nice (which is true).. But rather because they like to do things their way and be proud that they run a smooth airline. While some… Read More

Review: Alaska Airlines First Class B737 Seattle to Los Angeles

Alaska Airlines 440 Seattle (SEA) – Los Angeles (LAX) Boeing 737-800 04 June 2016 My friend, Maria, and I have been travelling quite a bit together recently. I’ve more or less dragged her into the miles and points hobby and she absolutely loves it – she has been collecting miles for a few months now through flying and credit cards that I’ve recommended. We’ve been flying… Read More

Review: Alaska Airlines First Class B737 Los Angeles to Seattle

Alaska Airlines 465 Los Angeles (LAX) – Seattle (SEA) Boeing 737-400 30 May 2016 Alaska’s B734s are as comfortable as they sound – not very. I actually think that Economy is more comfortable than the horrible seats they have in First Class. Hopefully they will remove some of these older aircraft from service or at least upgrade the seats soon. My Aeromexico flight from Mexico… Read More

Alaska Mileage Run

Last weekend I flew from Seattle to Portland… via Anchorage, of course; what normal person wouldn’t do that?! So I don’t know if technically this would qualify for an Alaska Mileage Run or a Portland Mileage Run. 😉 About a month ago, American Airlines had some sort of mistake or glitch in their booking system whereby some people were able to book tickets from Seattle to Portland… Read More

Review: Alaska Airlines First Class B737 Seattle to Las Vegas

Alaska Airlines 616 Seattle (SEA) – Las Vegas (LAS) Boeing 737-800 26 April 2016 Alaska Airlines has been having some fantastic deals out of Seattle recently whereby I was able to book some fantastic tickets, like New York roundtrip for just $200. Well, I didn’t just stop at one fantastic deal.. I booked a few more. One of which was Las Vegas in the middle of… Read More

Alaska and American Airlines Baggage Interlining Sucks!

Alaska and American Airlines are great partners! Said no one ever… In general I try to avoid American Airlines, while their miles might be useful (or were before March 2016), I’ve never had a great experience with them, ever… I mean who doesn’t love to fly an MD-80 these days? Not to mention the *going for great* customer service they have, sure they may be the… Read More

My Longest Flight in Economy in 4+ Years

Thanks to miles and points I have been able to travel the world in luxurious ways for a relatively small cost to myself. Flying First Class on some of the world’s top airlines for under $400 USD (though sometimes even a lot less) is amazing in my opinion, and sometimes it is important to step back and think about how miles and points have changed… Read More

My Trust in Alaska Airlines is Gone

I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about as of now, for those who don’t, basically Alaska Airlines increased redemption rates on Emirates overnight. Some awards in Emirates First Class went up by as much as 100%… that’s insane. Overnight. With no advance notice. Where do I begin? I live in Seattle and it’s no secret that I occasionally fly Alaska Airlines (mainly using Avios… Read More