United Airlines to significantly improve United Clubs

United announced today that the airline will upgrade the United Club experience for passengers using the airline’s lounges. The new upgrades include real food (no more carrots!), renovations of existing lounges at several airports, upgraded alcohol (for sale) which will feature exclusive drinks such as Laurent-Perrier champagne, a new (test) food-for-sale programme, Wi-Fi printing, and apparently even the staff will be trained to be much… Read More

Tips for busy holiday travel

Tomorrow without a doubt is the busiest travel day in the U.S., as Americans fly to their families to celebrate thanksgiving on Thursday. With the upcoming holiday season, there will be much more people travelling and airports will be congested, which is why I’d like to share some travel tips that can make your journey more comfortable during peak travel days.

Chicago Delay

To sum up the night, this is what it looked like: After landing from San Juan, we were taxiing to the gate and the captain said we’d have to wait at the gate for 30 minutes because the ramp in Chicago was closed. Basically, we landed and they shut down the airport because of strong winds, hail and rain. It was a mess. After someone… Read More