About Dominik Żmuda

Hi, I’m Dominik Żmuda and I would like to welcome you to my Prior2Boarding blog, Travelling the World, where I share all of my travel experiences. I hope you find all of the content informing and relative as everything I write is purely based on my own opinions and observations.

I grew up in southern Poland near the Tatry Mountains and most of my family still lives there, meanwhile I’m out exploring the world. Ever since I was young, my parents would take me on countless trips throughout the year; I was just two months old when I left Poland for the first time on a trip around Europe and ever since then, I’ve never stopped travelling. While I knew we would always visit new places in Europe, I never imagined I would fly across the ocean to America. My first flight was on a British Airways Boeing 747 flying to Seattle when I was just seven years old; I can perfectly recall every moment of the trip and I think my mom was much more frightened than I was.

Growing up, flying was mostly expensive and therefore if we could drive somewhere (even if it meant 50+ hours in a car), we’d still do it and use the saved money on something else. Before this hobby, I was flying maybe five or six times a year and definitely not more than that, now I’m flying around a hundred segments a year (mostly internationally).

I signed up for my first loyalty programme in 2009 and I blindly collected miles until 2012, when I had some expiring and I started researching ways to use them and eventually found FlyerTalk and BoardingArea. Ever since that day in 2012, I became more and more interested in collecting miles and redeeming them; I have been able to fly in First and Business class for less than the price of Economy class thanks to miles and points.

Eventually after gaining knowledge of how miles work (and after flying in premium classes for a couple of months), I decided to start a travel blog, Travelling the World. The primary purpose was to share my travel experiences (both in the air and on the ground) with the world. At the beginning I was just publishing trip reports and reviews of flights and places I’ve been to, now I’m happy to give readers advice on what to do with their miles and how to redeem (and collect) them in the best possible ways.

After reading almost every single blog on BoardingArea and FlyerTalk for quite some time, I decided to email Randy Petersen (the father of our obsession) to see if he was potentially looking for more bloggers since I felt like my blog was ‘lost out there on the internet’ and wasn’t gaining much views. I didn’t receive a reply from him for almost six months and I surely thought he must have ignored an email from some kid trying to join the best travel bloggers in the world. When I did, I was shocked, surprised, and happy all at the same time and I immediately replied thanking him and informing I would be more than happy to join the family. And so I joined Prior2Boarding, the sister site of BoardingArea, in June of 2014 and my audience and views shot up drastically since then.

So here I am, blogging and sharing my experiences with the world. I would personally like to thank you for viewing my content and I really hope you enjoy the reports, advice, thoughts, etc. If you have questions or would like to get in touch with me, please visit the contact page.

Safe travels,