Hello from somewhere over Russia! I’m currently en route from Helsinki to Japan on the Finnair A350-900 XWB flying their gorgeous Business Class. I flew SAS yesterday from Copenhagen to Helsinki and spent this morning exploring the city. While it was beautiful, the weather wasn’t due to rain and wind, however I was still able to explore a bit.

Finnair operates a bunch of flights to some interesting Asian destinations – they even have multiple daily flights to select places, on which they codeshare with their oneworld partners. Best of all? Finnair has TONS of award availability in both Economy and Business to most Asian cities they fly to – that’s a fantastic use of miles. So far we’re around 4 hours into the flight and I’m loving the seat and the food (the crew could be better). Finnair operates the A350 and A330 on their long-haul flights, both feature different J class products – the A350 features Finnair’s brand new Business Class in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration. Their A330s feature a Business Class product similar to what SWISS and Brussels Airlines have (where some seats don’t feature direct aisle access).

Okay, so back to Japan. I’m flying literally there for around 18 hours! I’ve done some insane trips in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever flown intercontinentally only to fly back the next day. So yeah, I’m flying back to Europe tomorrow… on Finnair’s A330, so I’m curious to see how the experience will compare to this flight. The food and service should be the same, but obviously the seat will be different. I have the whole day for exploring so I’m planning on taking the train to Kyoto for the day as I’ve never been. Also I wanted sushi, so yeah, that’s another reason to fly to Japan for 18 hours from Europe.

Up until this point I hadn’t yet flown Finnair, and I mostly love it… the seat is fantastic, the food is delicious, and the ground staff were super friendly. However, the Finnair Business Lounge in the Non-Schengen area was wayyyy overcrowded as it’s tiny and currently being remodelled. The FAs are.. well, to the point. The FA working my aisle hasn’t smiled once and just kind of waits until I tell her what I’d like. However, it seems like the FA working the other aisle seems more cheerful. Also, OMG BLUEBERRY EVERYTHING. Finnair is obsessed with blueberries. There are blueberry cocktails (not one or two but more), blueberry mock-tails, blueberry juice, blueberry ice cream, blueberry-themed pillow, blanket, and amenity kit, and there are blueberry flowers in the bathroom! OMG! Don’t get me wrong, I love blueberry juice but I didn’t know an airline could integrate so much blueberry into everything. And yes, there are actual blueberries to eat as well.

We have around 5 hours left of the flight and I’m going to test out the bed now. The blanket is a bit thin for my liking and the pillow is on the smaller side, but both are still comfortable. Also, Finnair serves the appetiser and main course at once.. on a tray, yup, no restaurant-style service. Alright, back to the flight and time for some much needed rest before my long day in Japan.