For a number of years, international flights to Seattle were limited. There was no sign of expansion and for a long time, the airlines operating flights to the city remained the same, and few routes were introduced. However, that all changed a few years ago as Seattle became the fastest-growing city on the west coast, and arguably the new technology centre of America.



The “revolution” started a few years ago when Delta Air Lines decided to make Seattle a hub and significantly expand their route network – both domestic and international. Several other international airlines noticed the demand for new flights to Seattle and quickly announced flights from their home airports. Some new destinations added (or resumed) in the past few years from Seattle include:

  • Aer Lingus: Dublin
  • Aeromexico: Mexico City
    • connects to Delta flights
  • Air France: Paris
    • connects to Delta flights
  • Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong (begins 01 April 2019)
    • connects to Alaska Airlines flights
  • Emirates: Dubai
    • connects to Alaska Airlines flights
  • Japan Airlines: Tokyo (begins 31 March 2019)
    • connects to Alaska Airlines
  • Norwegian: London
  • Singapore Airlines: Singapore (begins 03 September 2019)
    • connects to Alaska Airlines flights
  • Thomas Cook Airlines: Manchester
  • Virgin Atlantic: London
    • connects to Delta flights
  • Volaris: Guadalajara
  • XiamenAir: Shenzhen

What’s funny is that airlines like Air France used to fly to Seattle a long time ago, but clearly they decided to resume flights due to Delta’s presence in the city and also because, well, Seattle is now huge. Perhaps the most exciting and rare new flight is Singapore Airlines’ flight to Singapore. Never in a million years would I have ever expected SQ to fly to Seattle since it isn’t a Star Alliance hub… until they announced a partnership with Alaska Airlines, then it sort of became a given. What’s incredible is that so many Alaska Airlines partners now fly/will fly to Seattle – clearly Alaska must be happy as a result of that.

I’m so excited for all of these flights out of Seattle and can’t wait to fly some of them soon. I’m hoping to book myself on the SQ inaugural flight as I think that one will be a very special flight. Most of the airlines operating flights to Seattle don’t feature a First Class cabin on their aircraft, so First Class travel out of Seattle isn’t actually expanding.

Who else is excited to see what other airlines announce flights to Seattle? I’d love to see Lufthansa bring back First Class to Seattle and I think that they just might given how quickly the city is growing and there still is a demand for First Class.