LOT Polish Airlines, a Star Alliance member, is an interesting airline… from their interesting shady policies and procedures to their corrupt Rzeszów to Newark flight, the airline is a mixture of both good and bad.  While LOT doesn’t have the best Business Class product, I consider LOT’s Premium Economy to be the best in Europe – certainly much better than Lufthansa/Austrian’s or British Airways’. LOT frequently has promotions whereby it is possible to book a discounted Business Class ticket from Europe to the USA for around $1,200 USD. Premium Economy can often be purchased for under $700 (for a round-trip ticket).

LOT has been adding a bunch of new routes lately and while the focus has been on Warsaw, Budapest, and other cities – Kraków hasn’t seen much love. LOT operates the most flights from Warsaw, while also operating flights from several other focus cities like Budapest. Kraków is one of the most important cities in Poland, which is why I’m surprised LOT hasn’t expanded their operations from Kraków (then again, LOT is controlled by the government which does, well, even shadier things than the airline itself).

LOT currently operates flights from Kraków to Budapest, Chicago, Gdańsk, and Warsaw. New flights to Olsztyn begin on 25 April 2019 and to Tel Aviv on 25 February 2019. Looks like LOT is expanding their routes from Kraków even more as they’ve just announced new flights to Bucharest (begins 02 April 2019) and Dubrovnik (seasonal, begins 25 May 2019). Both of these additions are… strange (then again, this is LOT after all). Like wouldn’t London or Frankfurt or Paris seem like a more logical choice? Bucharest isn’t even a Star Alliance hub and there definitely isn’t enough demand for a nonstop flight from Kraków to Bucharest on LOT. Dubrovnik is a lovely seasonal destination, so I get that route, but you’d think LOT would add more important European cities first.

Anyway, like I said, LOT is a strange airline and they do things very strangely which I don’t get even though I’m Polish. The new additions out of Kraków won’t benefit me at all and I doubt it will benefit many people. I’d love to see LOT bring back New York or even add a destination in Asia from Kraków, but I don’t see that happening soon.