As much as we all complain about the TSA and their ridiculous procedures that often don’t make sense, I think we can all agree that TSA PreCheck is the greatest thing that’s happened to airport security in the USA. I love not having to remove anything from my bag (or my shoes) and pass through security in literally 10-15 seconds.. it is amazing and something I actually look forward to.

Ever since moving back to Europe around a year ago (wow, time goes by so fast), I’ve hated going through airport security in most European cities. We don’t have to remove shoes here, but we do have to remove laptops and liquids, which is still a significant waste of time. My laptop bag is usually way overpacked to the max and therefore stowing the laptop and liquids back in is always a challenge and takes up even more time. I’ve also found that I’ve had to remove my shoes lately more than ever due to random alarms that have gone off.

The one thing that absolutely kills me is when I have to remove my laptop from my laptop sleeve.. and place it separately into the dirty bin where people put their shoes.. this is beyond ridiculous and something I’ve noticed is required in Poland… in Germany and the UK, I can get away with having my laptop in the sleeve, but the fact that I live in Poland and have to do this every single time I pass through airport security kills me. I then have to spend time cleaning my laptop from the germs.. because we all know how dirty those bins are.

There really needs to be a European version of TSA PreCheck. Seriously, I miss TSA PreCheck so much that I’m willing to do anything to have it here in Europe. I think that it could actually happen within the Schengen Area, since all security procedures are standardised… but who knows when Brussels will even propose such an idea. PreCheck has been very successful in the USA because it is just so convenient and people don’t mind giving the government more of their information in exchange for the convenience…

However, the pleasant domestic flying experience in the USA really stops at TSA PreCheck… as the lounges of American carriers are laughable when comparing them to European airline lounges… and not to even mention what lounges exist in Asia!