Look, Aeroplan, I love you but I am really starting to see why Air Canada is leaving you in 2020. Your constant airline blocking, more rude call centre agents, and refusing to waive phone booking fees (especially when your website doesn’t work) is insane and not how a frequent flyer programme should operate… so AC is tired of you… loyal AC flyers are also tired and want something new.

Aeroplan has been blocking airlines on and off during the past year and a half – Avianca has been blocked all this time, SWISS was blocked for a short while, there were issues with EVA Air bookings, Copa Airlines was blocked for a significant amount of time, and LOT Polish Airlines was blocked for several months… then it was unblocked for a week and… now it is blocked again. Seriously, Aeroplan?!

Avianca was blocked because of “inconsistent bookings” which meant that Aeroplan would issue the ticket on Air Canada stock and then Avianca would simply cancel the ticket or “not see it”. For LOT Polish Airlines, Aeroplan would book tickets and passengers would show up at the airport and LOT would tell them they don’t have a valid ticket. Either way, both “issues” are relatively easy to fix… why is it that other Star Alliance airlines play nicely meanwhile Aeroplan can’t get their $#!t together and contact AV and LO and ask what is going on? Oh that’s right, because they are too busy telling their members not to worry once Air Canada drops them…

Dear Aeroplan: I love you, I love that you have incredibly flexible routing rules based on MPM with generous stopovers… but this Star Alliance blocking nonsense needs to stop. You’re only becoming more and more unreliable for travellers if you continue this random airline blocking and decide to not resolve the issue.