The Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Austrian, SWISS, Brussels Airlines) is currently offering a great deal for travel in Business Class originating in Europe and flying to the United States for ~€1500 round-trip to multiple American cities.

The fare is valid for flights originating in Italy (which is easy to position to if you’re in Europe) and travelling to America. The fare is valid for most Lufthansa Group cities in America such as San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, etc. The dates of travel include summer, late November, and late December until January.

Austrian Airlines Business Class (Lufthansa Group)

Austrian Airlines Business Class (Lufthansa Group)

Which Business Class product should you fly? In order: Austrian, SWISS, Brussels, Lufthansa. Why do I consider Austrian to have the best Business Class from the entire Lufthansa Group? Because you can easily reserve a fantastic seat in the cabin and on top of that, Austrian’s catering is delicious and the service is amazing. I ranked SWISS second only because their catering isn’t great – however, I would say the service is the best on SWISS. As much as I hate Brussels Airlines, I ranked them third because they have a similar seat to Austrian in Business Class and their catering is okay. Lufthansa comes in last as their Business Class will always feature 2 seats together – so you will be next to someone, whereas with Austrian, SWISS, and Brussels, there are individual “single” seats available.

If you’re in Europe, it is easy to position to Italy on low-cost carriers or on traditional airlines. While I wouldn’t book this fare specifically just to fly it and earn miles, if I were looking at a way of returning to America from a holiday in Europe, I would most likely consider it and then use the return to Europe segment to begin another trip a few months later.

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