Lufthansa’s frequent spending flyer programme, Miles & More, is the latest programme to offer miles for ordering wine. You can earn 2k Miles & More award miles with the first shipment and 5 award miles for every dollar spent for every shipment thereafter. As you can see, Lufthansa is in the mood to completely change Miles & More to become revenue based as now even miles earned with promotional partners are based on revenue (if you spend more, you get more miles). You can order 6 wines for $6.99 a bottle with 1 cent shipping. Miles will be credited within 8 weeks after the delivery of the wine.

Miles & More miles are incredibly valuable as you can redeem them for Lufthansa First Class whenever you want (if there is availability) – you aren’t subject to the 14-day restriction that Star Alliance partners are. If you are a Senator or HON Circle Member, you can also redeem your miles for SWISS First.

What I find fascinating about Lufthansa is that they award the least amount of miles through actual flying – most of their Economy Class tickets only earn 25% of the miles flown (or 125 miles), and more often than not, you can easily “buy” Miles & More miles through catalogue subscriptions or telephone subscriptions for cheap – it doesn’t make any sense as one would think that you can earn a ton of miles through flying (which is true.. if you buy a full fare First or Business Class ticket). Lufthansa’s switch to a revenue-based model last month made me think strongly more about my relationship with the Lufthansa Group and Miles & More – while I am still loyal, I’m definitely disappointed with the way “5starhansa” has been handling their frequent flyer programme lately.

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