It is no secret that I love travel (obviously). I’ve been very lucky to be able to travel around the world and visit some incredible destinations. I’ve been on every continent already and have visited dozens of countries (I probably should count them). My most memorable trips are those that I’ve taken with family and friends – not the ones where I travelled alone.

There are two types of “travel” I enjoy – city destinations and “beach” destinations. My favourite “city” destinations include London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Rome, Zurich, Vienna, Mexico City, etc. while my favourite “beach” destinations include Bali, the Maldives, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand, etc. However, there is one destination that I’ve been the most relaxed in – Fiji.



Fiji is beyond gorgeous and it is incredibly far away from “major” cities (excluding the South Pacific), that it truly feels special and relaxing as you are really far away from “regular” life. I’ve only been to Fiji once, however I can already say that it is the most relaxing destination and perhaps that’s because not that many people travel there as they would, for example, to Bali or Hawaii or Mexico. Fiji isn’t cheap to get to and flight award availability is restricted and therefore the challenging aspect of actually flying to the island is something unique.

Fiji is paradise and I think along with the Maldives, it is the most gorgeous place I’ve ever visited. While the Maldives are also special, I think I enjoyed Fiji more as you can still travel around the “island” while you can’t really do that in the Maldives since most hotels have their own island. When I returned, I was incredibly relaxed and felt good about life in general and I was positively thinking about everything – it is kind of hard to describe, Fiji makes you step back and think about how incredible life is. If you’ve never been, you really need to go… it is paradise on Earth…

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