Lufthansa First Class is the way to fly. From the incredible First Class Terminal to the Porsche Transfer to the actual flying, no other airline provides such an incredible First Class experience. Lufthansa First Class is also easily accessible using miles – as long as you don’t mind waiting until the last minute to book your flight.

I’ve flown LH F more times than I can count, and every experience has always been incredible. I’m happy to be loyal to the Lufthansa Group as it is truly composed of fantastic airlines (LH, OS, and LX).

Most Lufthansa aircraft offer inflight WiFi which is reasonably priced and you can buy it depending on for how many hours you will be using it. You can also pay using Miles & More miles for WiFi (though it isn’t ever a good deal to do that). There have been reports that Lufthansa is testing free WiFi for First Class passengers – the purser simply distributes a voucher with a code that you can type in and your connection essentially is priced at 0 Euros for the duration of the flight.

Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class

Apparently this “testing” has been random and started at the beginning of the year, however it doesn’t apply to all LH F flights, but rather is random as some passengers on some flights receive it and other passengers on different flights don’t – very unlike Lufthansa (as LH loves consistency). In comparison, SWISS offers a free WiFi voucher to all First Class passengers (though it is limited by data usage – so it doesn’t last long).

Free WiFi in First Class is a must and I think it is incredibly cheap of airlines not to offer it to First Class passengers (if there is WiFi, of course). I hope Lufthansa’s random “tests” come to the conclusion that free WiFi in First Class is a must and that as a five-star airline, they will start to offer it on all flights.

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