I love SWISS. I love Zurich. And I love Switzerland. I’ve been finding myself flying with SWISS International Air Lines more and more during the past year and that’s because I’ve been flying more in Business Class and SWISS’ Business Class is 100x better than Lufthansa’s. In fact, the last time I flew long-haul with Lufthansa was in August of last year.. shocking! I’ve flown SWISS First Class more times in the past year than Lufthansa First.. but that’s because I’m currently in a love/hate relationship with Lufthansa.

I was flying from San Francisco to Zurich in SWISS First Class on their flagship aircraft, the Boeing 777-300ER recently… and the experience was interesting – not because of the crew (who were phenomenal), but rather because of my fellow First Class passengers… I arrived at the boarding gate at SFO about 5 minutes prior to boarding and made my way to the Priority Boarding lane.. only to be rudely pushed by someone my age who decided he would be ahead of me.. fine, whatever.

SWISS First Class Boeing 777

SWISS First Class Boeing 777

We boarded. The First Class cabin was FULL by the time I boarded (and I was maybe the 10th person to board). It consisted of 4 other passengers my age, myself, and the rest were older people from Switzerland. The people my age put on quite a $hitshow, to be honest. They acted so entitled and were so loud and rude towards the crew that I was downright disgusted (and hoped the crew wouldn’t associate me with them). One of them made such a mess in the lavatory, before the boarding door closed, that the crew had to spend some time cleaning it instead of serving pre-departure beverages to First Class guests.

After a while, I believe the purser made some comments to them as it was nearly impossible to relax and I could tell the other guests were not happy with the situation (I certainly wasn’t). I don’t want to make assumptions, so I’m not going to guess how they got into First Class (they certainly weren’t Senators or HON Circle Members), so their families clearly must have money – but this proves that money can’t buy class. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people my age act so rude on a plane.. ever.. and I never expected it to happen on a European airline in First Class.

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