Over the years, I’ve been very fortunate to fly Economy Class the least during all of my travels. This is mainly thanks to miles & points, but also due to how cheap Business (and Economy) Class has become over the past few years. You can generally now fly from North America to Europe round-trip for $300 in Economy Class… something that was unthinkable a few years ago. Business Class used to cost upwards of $5k, but now we constantly see good deals in Business (or even First) Class for less than $2k.. and most often than not, these are not mistake fares.

Here’s something I never thought I would ever consider… I have an upcoming 8 hour flight and I could either redeem 50k miles to fly Business Class (and pay around $100 in taxes/fees)… or I could buy the same flight in Economy for less than $180. Here is why I am considering it:

  • It is just one flight without connections
  • I receive Star Alliance Gold benefits (lounge access, priority boarding, extra legroom seats, etc.)
  • I would earn miles (however, it wouldn’t be a lot)
  • It is a flight during the day and not night, so I would work on my laptop anyway

Do I really need more reasons to not fly Business Class and save 50k miles? I really can’t turn down Economy in this case because the deal is incredible. The fact that the flight is during the day only makes Economy justifiable even more, since I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. Being able to receive my Star Alliance Gold benefits makes Economy sound even better since I would have an extra legroom seat – so legroom wouldn’t be an issue.

Lately I’ve found myself flying Economy on shorter flights more and more because I’d rather save money/miles than pay to experience a little bit more during a quick flight.. however this thinking of mine is beginning to apply to long-haul flights. Am I insane or logically thinking in this case? While the flight is blocked at 8h, in reality it will probably be like 7h 20m anyway…

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