Well, that didn’t last long. Revenue-basedHANSA has recently introduced a new promotion whereby passengers can earn 50% extra award miles with Miles & More on Lufthansa flights booked by 31 May 2018 on LH.com, which must be flown by 30 August 2018. This new “promotion” comes just days after Miles & More has switched to a revenue-based earning model whereby award miles are credited based on the ticket price and not the distance flown/booking class.

From service to comfort – Lufthansa always offers that little bit extra in order to be your first choice. And in line with this, Miles & More is now also giving you an attractive extra: 50% extra award miles on Lufthansa flights.

Is Lufthansa trying to actually enhance Miles & More with this new promotion because they feel bad for imposing a revenue-based system as it didn’t make much sense? I doubt it. However, a promotion to earn more miles is always good and it is great that ALL Lufthansa flights are eligible and the promotion isn’t targeted towards specific members.

Earn 50% Extra Miles & More Award Miles with Lufthansa

Earn 50% Extra Miles & More Award Miles with Lufthansa

The promotion is valid for all Lufthansa flights from 12 March to 30 August 2018 which have been booked on LH.com between 12 March and 31 May 2018. This promotion is NOT eligible for members with residence in Austria, Switzerland, or Liechtenstein. Basically, if your Miles & More account has an address in one of the three countries, you aren’t eligible. This promotion is only valid for auto-crediting (meaning you MUST have your Miles & More number on the booking/boarding pass). Retroactive mileage claims will not be eligible. 

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