British Airways isn’t Europe’s leading airline and I don’t think ever will be due to the numerous cost-cutting they’ve been carrying out. Furthermore, BA First Class is simply a really good Business Class product.. while their long-haul Business Class product (Club World) is just downright awful. My favourite aspect of British Airways is their frequent flyer programme, Executive Club, which allows mileage redemption for short-haul flights at a great value. Being able to redeem 4k miles for a last-minute flight that can cost $300+ is an incredible deal.

While British Airways has been continuously cost-cutting, I’ve noticed some improvements with Club Europe (their European Business Class product – which is just an Economy seat with a blocked middle seat). First of all, I don’t know if it is just the few flights that I’ve been on lately, but I’ve noticed the crews have gotten significantly nicer and warmer towards passengers. The ground staff in London also seems to be nicer, again, I don’t know if this is just my experience or if it actually has improved at all.

Furthermore, Club Europe has improved substantially. There are now printed menus, a much larger choice of beverages, a choice of the main course (!), restaurant-style service, improved catering, etc. I was genuinely shocked when I flew from London Heathrow to Kraków a week ago and was informed that there would be Balik Salmon for an appetiser. Balik Salmon in Club Europe?! I’ll fly British Airways everyday if this is what they’re normally serving – SWISS serves this in First Class!

Balik Salmon in Club Europe

Balik Salmon in Club Europe

The main course was a choice between the chicken and pasta. I had the chicken meanwhile my friend had the pasta and we were both impressed at the quality of the food. It seems like British Airways has at least improved this aspect of their flights.

Furthermore, the crew was phenomenal – they constantly talked to us about our journey, kept refilling our drinks, asking if we needed anything else, etc. They were excellent – and it has been consistent on my last few flights in Club Europe. It seems like British Airways is in a strange position – they’re improving a bit but devaluing a bit more… I don’t know what to make of this, other than I was very impressed considering that I only paid ~12k Avios for this flight. I’m impressed, BA!

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