Air France was the first European airline to announce a switch to a revenue-based frequent flyer programme, whereby members will earn miles based on the ticket price and not the distance flown/booking class. Air France also announced that in the future, revenue-based redemptions will be introduced – the cost of the ticket in miles will change as the revenue price changes.

Lufthansa was the next European airline to follow Air France – which was a surprising move as I figured it would be British Airways. Lufthansa also announced a revenue-based Miles & More, but didn’t mention any plans for revenue-based redemptions. The next airline to follow is British Airways. While BA did talk about a revenue-based frequent flyer programme in the past, nothing was official. Well, that’s changed. British Airways Executive Club will be changing to a revenue-based model, which will include earning and redeeming. The changes are set to be introduced later this year or early next year.

British Airways Executive Club - Incredible for short flights

British Airways Executive Club – Incredible for short flights

In addition to this, British Airways will allow payment in Avios for just about any service – from baggage to upgrades. The most disappointing change will be applied to redeeming points – the cost of a flight in points will be more closely aligned with the revenue cost of the ticket. You will also be able to determine how many Avios and Cash you want to pay for a ticket.

The beauty of Avios is that you can redeem less than 5k points in most cases for short flights with low taxes and fees last minute – when flights can cost upwards of $400. With a revenue-based redeeming model, this would significantly change and you’d no longer be able to redeem points at a fixed cost. Revenue-based programmes are incredibly disappointing for passengers and flyers as they only reward those who spend an unnecessary amount of money on tickets.

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