Generally, I love SWISS, I think they have a fantastic Business Class product throughout their fleet and overall they’re a great airline. While their First Class is okay, it is not as great as Lufthansa First Class and probably never will be. While their Business Class is awesome, I’m always frustrated by how long the meal service takes. It isn’t an issue on flights during the day, but when it takes 3.5 hours for a meal service on a 7 hour redeye to Europe it just becomes ridiculous.

I recently was able to experience SWISS Business Class from Zurich to Dubai – a 6 hour flight, and it took 3.5 hours for the meal service to be complete – that’s insane. It literally took longer than half of the flight for the meal service to be completed. SWISS’ Dubai flight departs around 12:30 and most people don’t originate in Europe for the flight and instead connect off of redeye flights from North America and therefore most likely would enjoy extra sleep – but that isn’t possible if you want to eat.

By the time the meal was complete, we were already in the Middle East and therefore I was only able to sleep for maybe 1.5h, which is ridiculous. I cannot believe the meal service always takes forever in SWISS Business Class. Whenever I fly on a redeye from North America to Europe on SWISS in Business Class, I know to eat before the flight as I’m not going to wait 3h for a meal on a 7h flight.

While Lufthansa’s Business Class isn’t that great.. yet.. at least they serve meals very quickly so that passengers can maximise their time – either working or sleeping. No matter what, Lufthansa always shines – it is just how they are. I wish they could pass that to the airlines they own (like SWISS and Brussels).

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