I love Asia. Amazing places, delicious food, kind people, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and fantastic airlines and incredible airline lounges! Asia is generally the easiest region to travel to and within on miles and points because there is always award availability – on all major alliances. Well, I am sure some of you have noticed that February is the worst month to travel to and within Asia as there is literally nothing available using miles and points. Nothing. I’ve always hated sports.. so this is killing me even more that the Olympics are messing up award availability in Asia.

Want to fly from Hong Kong to Beijing? Usually wide open on Cathay Pacific, Air China, etc. Well, absolutely nothing during the middle of February is available.. with revenue prices over $350 USD for a 2.5h flight. It’s insane. Hong Kong to Tokyo? Nada. Hong Kong to Singapore? Nope. Beijing to Tokyo? Sure, via Osaka and Taipei.. WTF?! All of these routes have 20+ flights a day with over 4 airlines and therefore not being able to book a single award seat is absolutely killing me.

No Award Availability on Cathay Pacific

No Award Availability on Cathay Pacific

My friend and I have been planning a trip to Asia during February and it’s literally impossible to use miles. There’s nothing… even on Malaysia Airlines.. where almost always every flight is wide open for award redemption. It is especially killing me that I can’t use BA Avios for anything as that would have saved a ton of money… so we are stuck. We have a flight into Hong Kong and then a flight out of Sydney and I’m trying to somehow get to Sydney while also visiting Tokyo and Beijing and it doesn’t seem possible using miles.. and I’m not paying $350+ for a 2.5h flight.

I’m sure some of you have noticed the lack of award availability during the middle of February in Asia… which is crazy since Asia is usually wide open using miles and that’s why so many people love to go to Asia. I’ve never been frustrated as much as I am now… I’ve literally spent hours to try and find two award seats on some routes and I can’t. Maybe this trip should just be turned into an Australia and South Pacific trip…

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