I’ve been doing some thinking the past few days and I was basically reflecting on my past trips around the world and how frequently I travelled last year – around 200k miles flown, which is a lot.. in fact, I think it’s too much. Too much travel is never good – no matter how luxurious the travel can be.

Last year, I flew too much. 200k miles flown is insane for me and my body and I’m starting to slowly feel the effects of that after about a month or so of no travel except a short weekend trip for NYE to Geneva. My last major trip was to the Maldives at the beginning of December and my next big trip is to North America at the beginning of February – essentially I gave myself half of December and all of January to “relax” from travel.. I know doesn’t that sound strange?

Travel is incredible

Travel is incredible

While I was reflecting on my travels from last year, I realised that the more “random” trips I took (the ones that weren’t well planned out), I found myself thinking about when I’d be returning home instead of actually enjoying the trips. I think I travelled too much last year for the only purpose of “travelling” instead of actually travelling and enjoying. And so I came to the conclusion many already have – that too much travel is never good for you, especially the type that doesn’t really have a purpose other than going somewhere for the sake of travelling.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love travelling and flying, but I think part of the experience is actually planning everything out instead of just flying somewhere and not knowing what to do once you get there. Sure, spontaneous trips are also fun, but only if you have a purpose – the trips that I took last year only for the purpose of going somewhere weren’t that great (no matter the airline or destination).

For this year, every trip I take will have a purpose and if I’m finding myself wanting to travel “just because” without a purpose, I won’t do it as there is no point to it. Also, I don’t want to fly 200k miles again, it was really exhausting. I want to fly under 130k this year, and I want to make every single mile of that memorable instead of flying just to fly.

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