Yesterday, Air France was having a crazy mistake fare whereby you could book Air France First Class from California to Europe for ~$600 USD each way. Air France First Class is incredibly hard to book using miles as you need to be an elite member of their frequent flyer programme and can only redeem miles for it at an expensive award level.

I had the chance to book a few Air France First Class tickets yesterday for ~$600 USD each direction for myself and a few friends. As I mentioned yesterday, I said I wouldn’t be surprised if Air France cancelled the tickets as it was an obvious mistake fare and Air France is very protective of their First Class cabin (just like SWISS). Most of the mistake fare tickets were cancelled shortly after booking, so I’m happy Air France carried out the cancellations quickly and didn’t wait too long as that would have been unacceptable.

My thinking on mistake fare cancellations remains the same as it always did – it is perfectly acceptable for an airline to cancel a mistake fare. Many of my friends and fellow bloggers take any mistake fare cancellation way too seriously and actually fight it with law (wasting everyone’s time as the chance of ticket reinstatement is rare). I think taking action and complaining about a mistake fare cancellation is beyond idiotic and ridiculous – we all know very well these are mistake tickets and therefore no one should be complaining if the ticket is cancelled. We know all of this is a game and we are playing it – sometimes we win and other times we don’t.

While Air France First Class isn’t the best in the world, it sure would have been nice to try the product on a longer route. I’m never going to fly the product using miles as I definitely won’t become and elite member of Flying Blue and spend an insane amount of miles just to fly a SkyTeam product.

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