SWISS First Class is one of the most exclusive and best First Class products in the world. Having flown the product a number of times now, I can say that SWISS First Class is awesome and while it isn’t as great as Lufthansa First Class, it is still incredible. SWISS is an exclusive airline and I think they perfectly represent Switzerland in values and traditions.

LX First Class is only bookable using miles if you’re a Miles & More Senator or HON Circle member. This restriction has been put in place for several years now and most of the time works as it should… however there have been a few glitches whereby SWISS accidentally released “O” class award space to other Star Alliance airlines. This happened once in 2016 and it also just happened a few weeks ago… this time, however, SWISS took action and cancelled First Class tickets that were booked using Aeroplan.

SWISS First Class

SWISS First Class

First of all, I know many will disagree with me – and that’s fine, however I stand on this issue the same way I stand on mistake faresSWISS had every right to cancel these First Class tickets that were booked through partner airlines using miles. The official policy is that SWISS First is restricted to loyal elite members of Miles & More and I praise SWISS for enforcing that rule. Furthermore, Aeroplan even has the words: “SWISS First Class is not available for reward travel” written at the bottom of the award chart. While I have read reports of Aeroplan tickets being cancelled, apparently tickets booked using United Airlines or other Star Alliance airlines have not been cancelled… I’m not exactly sure why SWISS is only cancelling Aeroplan tickets and not all tickets… that shouldn’t have been booked in the first place.

Yes, SWISS is at fault for releasing “O” class award space. I completely understand that. It was a mistake… so in other words this was kind of a mistake fare. I understand that people paid regular mileage prices for these tickets at published rates.. but 99% of people who booked SWISS First Class in this case were completely aware that this award shouldn’t have been bookable. What irritates me the most is that these people (who feel really entitled for this ticket to not be cancelled) are now “angry” at SWISS for cancelling these tickets when they very well knew this shouldn’t be bookable in the first place. My thinking on mistake fares is that the airline has every right to cancel it – all of this hobby is a game, sometimes we win and other times we don’t. However, in my opinion, pursuing legal action against an airline because they cancelled an obvious error ticket (like a revenue mistake fare or booking SWISS First if you aren’t a Miles & More elite) is beyond ridiculous and very immature.

I know many of you will disagree with me and that’s fine. However, it is very important to step back and think about what you’re doing: if you very well knew that the ticket was a mistake, then you should fully be expecting the ticket to be cancelled – and because you knew it was a mistake in the first place, you shouldn’t fight the cancellation. Sometimes mistake tickets don’t get cancelled and in those cases you should be happy, like I said, all of this is a game.

If you want to fly SWISS First Class, either pay for it or become a Miles & More Senator or HON Circle Member (or wait until Lufthansa is on strike). SWISS is one of the airlines that follows their policy 100% and therefore was completely right to enforce it and cancel these tickets that were obviously booked as an error. Threatening to take legal action (or actually taking legal action) against an airline because of a mistake ticket cancellation is incredibly ridiculous and childish.

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