Etihad Airways First and Business Class used to be one of my favourite ways to fly to/from the Middle East. Personally, I think that Emirates is way overrated and their First Class is not as great as Etihad’s A380 Apartment, furthermore, Emirates’ Business Class is beyond terrible with an awful configuration. Etihad’s premium cabins were incredible in 2015 and 2016… and then they started to cutting-costs… and ever since, they are a sinking ship airplane.

A while ago, I wrote an article Etihad Cuts to First Class are Shameful, and outlined that their First Class has gone from amazing to “average” regarding the soft product (as the hard product is still amazing on the A380 and the best in the world). Well, I just experienced EY Business Class and the cuts to Business Class are significant, too.

Etihad Airways A380 Business Class

Etihad Airways A380 Business Class

The amenity kit has been downgraded, the friendliness of the flight attendants has been downgraded, the food was inedible, the ground experience was poor, and overall it wasn’t a flight I will remember. I’m so disappointed. Etihad used to be amazing regarding the soft product in First and Business Class… but now, I think I might fly Emirates Business Class over EY.. even if the hard product is awful. Perhaps the most shocking factor is that Etihad’s flight attendants used to be super kind and friendly.. and it seems like with the cost-cutting, their happiness was cut too, as none of them smiled once throughout the flight.

I miss the old Etihad, the EY that was incredible. My First Class and Business Class flights with the airline last year and the year before were super memorable and incredible and one of the best I’ve ever experienced. The airline has now gone down to being an average airline – while the hard product is great, the soft product needs to match that.. and it doesn’t anymore.

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