Air France First Class is one of the hardest First Class products to book using miles – not only do you have to be an elite member of the Air France & KLM frequent flyer programme, but the First Class redemption can only be done at an expensive award level… which isn’t a good deal at all. However, during the past hour, Air France had a crazy mistake fare from California to Europe in First Class for about $600 USD each direction. I managed to book two seats for myself and a friend before Air France corrected the price of the ticket.

Many consider Air France First Class to be the best in the world – I don’t (that’s Lufthansa First Class). That being said, I think that Air France is in the top 10 list for the world’s best First Class products (like Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Lufthansa, SWISS, etc.). While I’ve never flown Air France before in my life (I hate SkyTeam), this will be a great chance to fly one of the world’s best First Class products… that is if Air France decides to not cancel these error fare tickets.

Air France loves to protect their First Class (like SWISS), and therefore I say that the chance of Air France cancelling-not cancelling these tickets is 50/50. I suspect it eventually all comes down to how many people booked the fare and if the airline will be at loss – I mean $600 USD is nothing for one of the world’s best flying experiences (although Lufthansa and SWISS are still much better).

If Air France decides to not cancel the tickets, I will be happy. If they cancel the tickets, I won’t really care and won’t take any action. I think taking action and complaining about a mistake fare cancellation is beyond idiotic and ridiculous – we all know very well these are mistake tickets and therefore no one should be complaining if the ticket is cancelled.

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