Lufthansa First Class is the way to fly. Period. End of story. In my eyes, Lufthansa surpasses all expectations a First Class passenger can have – from the incredible First Class Terminal to the Porsche Transfer to the actual First Class cabin. Sadly the same cannot be said about SWISS International Air Lines First Class, which I’ve flown a number of times… and I’m never overly impressed or excited about SWISS First Class.

Most people think SWISS First Class is super luxurious and exclusive since SWISS only allows Miles & More Senator and HON Circle members to redeem miles for the product – there is no other way to redeem miles for SWISS First. In reality, SWISS First Class is boring – that’s the best way I can describe it. The seat is fantastic, the food is great, and the crews are usually phenomenal – so why is the product just not *that* exciting? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Perhaps all I can see is Lufthansa First Class…

SWISS First Class Boeing 777-300ER

SWISS First Class Boeing 777-300ER

Either way, my friend and I were flying Lufthansa Business Class from Munich to Zurich and then SWISS First Class from Zurich to San Francisco and imagine my disappointment when we landed in Zurich and did NOT see a fancy car waiting for us. In Munich, we were able to enjoy Lufthansa’s fantastic and new First Class Lounge, before being driven to our flight in a Porsche. I specifically selected the Lufthansa flight from Munich to Zurich on a CRJ900 because that means you are guaranteed a remote gate – which means a car transfer for First Class passengers and HON Circle Members.

We landed in Zurich – a bus was waiting at the remote gate. While I understand all of this may sound like a first world problem, if I’m guaranteed something as a First Class passenger or HON Circle Member – it better be waiting there. In addition to my friend, there was also one HON Circle member on the flight – these top-tier status members are guaranteed limousine transfers to/from remote gates. He was just as shocked as we were that there was no car waiting.

We explained the situation in the SWISS First Class Lounge and were given the response of “you’re only going to get a car transfer if you connect to/from Geneva”. Excuse me, what? I’m 90% sure this statement isn’t true. Even if the statement were true for First Class passengers, where was the HON Circle member’s car?

SWISS First Class simply cannot compete with Lufthansa First Class. Lufthansa makes the entire First Class process as smooth as possible – it is all coordinated efficiently and it works. SWISS, on the other hand, has no idea what they are doing with their First Class ground services and should really coordinate them so that they actually work.

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