My friend and I experienced SWISS First Class from Zurich to San Francisco a few weeks ago and the entire experience was a bit disappointing. We didn’t get a limousine transfer, the lounge experience was “meh”, and while the flight itself was okay, the food wasn’t the best and there were a few flaws with the seat.

SWISS First Class

SWISS First Class

I usually don’t send in complaints because I don’t have time to write up exactly what happened and because unless something severe happens, I normally just let it go. However, most of this SWISS First experience we had was flawed so I wanted to make sure the airline knew what was going on.. through the eyes of a loyal Miles & More Senator.

I didn’t hear anything from SWISS for a few days until today, that is. I received a lengthy apology for all of the inconveniences and I did specifically write about the lack of the limousine transfer and I got this response:

Normally we will not assume to interfere as you proceed through the airport and therefore do not currently provide this service. unless special assistance is required.

Seriously? We are talking about an airline owned by Lufthansa, which provides the world’s best First Class experience – both in the air and on the ground. How is it that SWISS has simply decided to not offer limousine transfers “unless special assistance is required”… this is really disappointing.

Anyway, as compensation, my friend and I were each given 5k Miles & More miles (which I don’t think is sufficient) and a $300 USD “Restaurant Voucher”. This is a strange form of compensation – basically you go to any restaurant and send SWISS the bill and they will send you a check up to $300 USD. The voucher is good for two years. I’m always skeptical about cash compensation from airlines as the check takes months to be mailed out and then another few weeks to be received.

However, to be honest, I would much rather take more miles instead of a restaurant voucher. I don’t eat that much anyway, so there’s no way I will be able to spend $300 at a restaurant. It is nice that SWISS has apologised and provided decent compensation – but I think the standard should be to issue miles and not part miles and part “restaurant voucher”.

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