Lufthansa announced yesterday their plans to install a completely new Business Class cabin when they take delivery of their Boeing 777-9 in 2020. While many Lufthansa fans including myself are calling the new Lufthansa Business Class revolutionary, some have quickly stated that Lufthansa’s new Business Class is “nothing new”.

The new Lufthansa Business Class will feature:

  • Direct aisle access from every seat
  • Each seat will have much more privacy
  • A special shoulder zone
  • A larger overall seat
  • More storage
  • Larger monitors

Lufthansa has promised the new Business Class cabin will feature many more amenities and innovations, but just based on this list above, I say the new cabin is revolutionary. This new seat is miles ahead of Lufthansa’s current Business Class product and furthermore, the seat will be even better than the long-haul Business Class seat of Austrian and SWISS.

Lufthansa’s improved Business Class seat and service comes from the fact that Lufthansa has eliminated First Class service from a number of routes and continues to do so. If Lufthansa is to maintain a world-class standard and continue to exceed expectations, a new revolutionary Business Class seat is a must.

The only major downside is that we have to wait until 2020 until the seat is in the sky, and even at that point it will only be on their new Boeing 777-9. Lufthansa took absolutely forever to retrofit aircraft with their new Business Class seat a few years ago and therefore I’m hoping that they speed up the process with retrofitting existing aircraft with this new revolutionary seat.

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