Lufthansa Miles & More HON Circle status is the ultimate top-tier status in the frequent flyer world. Everyone knows about HON Circle, but only a few thousand people hold the status – that’s because it is incredibly hard to achieve. Miles & More HON Circle status requires 600k flown HON Circle Miles over two years (if you split it – it’s only 300k per year).

The two biggest benefits of Miles & More HON Circle status are that you can access Lufthansa Group First Class Lounges even when flying Economy, and HON Circle Members receive the highest level of award availability – meaning they can essentially book Lufthansa or SWISS First Class whenever they want. If the award seat is not available on a desired flight, both Senators and HON Circle Members can waitlist it and it will usually clear if the cabin isn’t totally full. The unpublished benefit of the prestigious status is that you’re basically treated like a god by Lufthansa (I get amazing treatment as a Senator, so I imagine it even exceeds that).

The HON Circle Home: Lufthansa First Class Terminal

The HON Circle Home: Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Because HON Circle status is so prestigious, it requires special HON Circle Miles – 600k of them over two years. These qualifying miles can only be earned on First and Business Class flights flown on fully-integrated Miles & More partner airlines. If you aren’t flying the Lufthansa Group 99% of the time, HON is not worth it since it is mostly treated the same as Senator status by other Star Alliance airlines. To earn 300k qualifying miles per year, it would take ~8 round-trip First Class flights from Frankfurt to San Francisco. Considering this route costs upwards of €15k, it can be quite expensive.

Is Lufthansa Miles & More HON Circle status worth it? If you live in Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, or Geneva, it definitely is. Outside of those cities, not so much (unless you frequently connect in those cities, it also could be worth it). Most HON Circle Members aren’t paying out of pocket for their flights (and most of them fly Lufthansa Business Class), so if you’re a top European executive, the status isn’t hard to reach.

My ultimate goal in life is this prestigious Miles & More status. It would mean the world to me as I would be able to use the Lufthansa First Class Lounges and Terminal exclusively. I fly with the Lufthansa Group the most already, so holding this status would mean everything. Also, it isn’t like I would need to spend €500k to achieve the status – there are Lufthansa First Class fares that sell for €3k round-trip, so while HON would cost a ton of money, I would have over 600k miles to use for future flights (which roughly translates to 7 free First Class flights from Europe to America).

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