Lufthansa German Airlines announced today that starting in 2020 with the delivery of their new Boeing 777-9, the airline will install a new, revolutionary Business Class seat with direct aisle access from every seat. The new Business Class seat will feature much more privacy, more storage, more shoulder space, larger monitors, and “wonderful sleep”!

While I love Lufthansa First Class to death, I don’t really like their current Business Class seat as there is zero privacy, not a lot of storage, and the seat isn’t very comfortable. Lufthansa’s new seat will change everything in that it will truly be an upgrade from the existing product.

Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa Business Class

The upgrade of their Business Class is necessary in that Lufthansa has eliminated their First Class product from a number of routes and aircraft, so having the cabin in a 2-2-2 configuration with zero privacy is in no way industry-leading. A few years ago, Lufthansa also introduced “restaurant-style” service which means each flight attendant is responsible for their own section and the meal is presented directly on the table instead of on a tray.

All in all, I can’t wait to fly Lufthansa’s new cabin. Lufthansa, THANK YOU!

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