Up until a few days ago, I had never flown American Airlines. Never. I’ve redeemed well over a million miles through their frequent flyer programme, but I had actually never flown the airline. Why? Because I’ve always listened to horror stories about how bad flying American Airlines is… well, either AA improved overnight or I’m just crazy.. because I loved it.

Flying American Airlines on three flights throughout one day in three different cabins of service made me experience:

  • AA Domestic First Class on a Boeing 737
  • AA Domestic Economy Class on an Airbus A321
  • AA Transcontinental First Class SFO-JFK on an Airbus A321

If you ask me, those are some good options to try American Airlines for the very first time. I was able to experience both the “regular” First and Economy domestic service, as well as the premium, flagship First Class service from SFO to JFK.

Every single flight was amazing. And I’m not lying. If all AA flights are like this, AA completely blows away United and Alaska Airlines.. like completely. The flight attendants were amazing.. even in Economy, the snacks they had were actually edible and the FAs encouraged you to ask for more than one drink! Not only that, all aircraft were amazingly clean and felt brand new.. especially the Airbus aircraft I was on.

Flying American Airlines A321 First Class SFO-JFK

Flying American Airlines A321 First Class SFO-JFK

Here’s where it gets fun – my San Francisco to New York flight went mechanical and was cancelled.. and I was booked on the last flight of the day, meaning I would have to overnight in San Francisco and take a flight the following day.. however, I didn’t have to since the agents held the late night Dallas flight and switched people on it. I didn’t want that since I wanted to experience the Flagship First service – no problem! I was given a hotel nearby the airport and rebooked on a flight the following day within minutes. AAmazing!!

I can’t believe I am saying this.. but so far, I love American Airlines. I don’t know if all of my experiences with them were exceptionally incredible or what.. but if this is what AA is like then I only want to fly them domestically now. Am I going crazy, or..?!

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