While I’ve covered the announcement of Lufthansa’s new Business Class extensively, some new information was revealed by the German airline in today’s press release. Specifically, Lufthansa’s new cabin will be very technology-driven which means that passengers will be able to control the seat functions and the IFE directly from their personal devices (I assume that this also means that we will be able to stream media from our devices directly on the IFE monitor). However, there is also another really cool feature Lufthansa mentions about their new Business Class – it will have wireless charging for devices.

The new Business Class will also be setting standards from a technological point of view. Thanks to digital interfaces, all the functions of the seat as well as the in-flight entertainment system can be controlled using the passenger’s personal device. Smartphones and tablets can be recharged at the seat using wireless technology.

The thought of controlling the seat functions and the IFE from my iPhone sounds wonderful – but Wireless Charging?! No airline has even mentioned plans about installing such a feature, Lufthansa however, has decided to innovate and really change the game with their new Business Class product – not only is the new seat revolutionary, but all of the features that come with it will truly allow Lufthansa to maintain a high-standard as a world-class airline.

Wireless Charging coming to Lufthansa Business Class

Wireless Charging coming to Lufthansa Business Class

From a technological perspective, wireless charging currently works if the function is built into the actual device (if it isn’t you can buy a case with wireless charging, for example). That being said, I don’t know how many devices will be equipped with this feature in 2020 when Lufthansa’s new Business Class launches – it could be that in the next few years wireless charging really does become the next “big” thing.

Lufthansa, you are really changing the flying experience for the better!

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