The British Airways airline website has been experiencing all sorts of glitches this past week (or for the past decade, actually). I know just last week cancelled flights booked using Avios were not getting refunded instantly and it took up to 5 days – which is insane. I’ve always had different kinds of problems with crediting flights to British Airways, but that’s a different story.

The latest “issue” which has been going on for the past week is that you can’t book flights online using points. When you log-in to your Executive Club account, you are shown this lovely message:

Avios Flights Not Bookable Online

Avios Flights Not Bookable Online

The message tells the user that they cannot currently book flights using Avios and to contact the Executive Club for any bookings. However, below the Avios option is usually an option to book using cash.. which isn’t working either and it tells the user that they can only book flights using Avios… when that isn’t possible!

I’ve contacted the Executive Club (after being on hold for over an hour) and they are aware of the issue. In the meantime, you can book Avios flights over the phone (if they ever answer your call). Not being able to access the BA search tool online is a major pain since it is the only way to search oneworld award flights relatively quickly.

Here’s to hoping this is quickly fixed and not another “enhancement”. My fear is that they were doing some sort of changes in order to implement “dynamic pricing” using Avios and screwed something up and now they don’t know how to fix it…

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