Hello from Zurich! This city is beyond magnificent and I love it as much as I love all of Switzerland. I’ve been here a number of times already, but the city always amazes me and it seems like every time I visit, the city becomes more gorgeous.

I had the pleasure of flying the SWISS Bombardier CS100 from Kraków yesterday, after which we visited the incredible SWISS lounges and made our way over to the hotel. All of today was spent walking around and exploring the city, after which we returned to the hotel and are dead tired at this point – the nice SPG Platinum upgrade at the Sheraton was well worth paying the premium of staying here.

But seriously this city is beyond gorgeous and magnificent.. like I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Zurich and Switzerland in general. I’ve been to a lot of Swiss cities – Geneva, Basel, etc. – but ZRH always fascinates me in so many ways. Zurich also has the only museum on Earth that I love and do not mind visiting – the Swiss National Museum.



The only obvious downside to Zurich (and Switzerland in general), is that it is super expensive. A cup of tea? CHF5-7. Your average lunch? CHF15-30. The good news is that it doesn’t cost anything to walk around and explore – otherwise I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to afford the breathtaking and stunning views.

I think that in general Zurich and Vienna are my two favourite cities in Europe – both are stunning in their own ways, but the way ZRH is integrated with everything around the city is awesome.

Oh, Zurich… I love you so, so much…

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